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*sigh* Recent news of Sonic Mania is that there will be more repackaged classic levels than there will be new ones, confirming a lot of people’s suspicions that this is just Sega pandering to nostalgia for a quick buck, probably to recooperate their losses on the failures of Sonic’s Lost Mind and Sonic Bust (which, if we’re being honest, is the only reason we get retro collections of the same 4 goddamn Genesis games over and over and over and…)
But you know what? I’m not all upset about this news. No, ofcourse not. I’m furious!!
Let’s count em up! This all started with the Mega Collections in the 6th generation of consoles. We’ve also had BRAND NEW 2D Sonic games on portables. But then those devolved into retro collections as well. We had gems collections and Sonic Genesis for some reason existed even though we could go right back to our gamecubes and play the superior version on a bigger screen (I still laugh at them trying to sell us on spin dash being in Sonic 1 as if that would take away the level design that wasn’t designed to fit spin dash in any way). So that’s about 4 retro collections in 1 generation.
Then Gen7 came around and Sega couldn’t restrain themselves. We had all the VC rereleases and all the PSN rereleases and the Live rereleases and the Sonic Genesis Collection. There was a DS collection as well at 1 point. So that’s an extra 5 for daring to sell people the same games twice on a single platform. (I’m sure a missed a few somewhere).
Then we get to the 3DS where they have *cough* 3D “remakes” of old Sonic games and Shinobi as digital games and then repacked THAT bullshit into a physical release, so let’s call that 2 more.
ELEVEN! That is ELEVEN FUCKING RERELEASES OF THE SAME GODDAMN GAMES! THE SAME GODDAMN LEVELS! That’s 13 years worth of retro collections. And hell, we also had Sonic Jam, but no one bought that piece of shit Saturn so I guess it doesn’t count. But by the balls of Ra, with all of these retro collections inflating the actual number of Sonic games in circulation, you can just imagine what little value of the good ol’ days is being diminished!
But then there are the multiple games that played pretend homage to the old games that were ALREADY being shoved in our faces!! S4E1, Lost Mind, etc. I don’t include Generations in this argument as it was more about repackaging the 3D Sonic levels, but hell, everything before Crisis City at least felt like a proper tribute, and you’d be lying if Modern Chemical Plant didn’t make you the least bit aroused.
But hey, we kinda accepted it because while it is a game pandering to nostalgia, it made up for it by making the levels feel brand new. It’s all in 3D and you can experience them in either retro or retard style. S4E2 basically reused assets to make new levels, but “they made new levels”. So even the new games that were pandering to nostalgia were still new games.
Mania will be repackaged levels with new layouts. This makes no sense at all. From the Green Hill Zone alone we can deduce that the repackaged levels will feature nothing new in terms of aesthetics, gimmicks, etc. Oh we’ll get new bosses (because the fans play Sonic games for boss fights) but for an element that only makes up 5% of an entire level, that justifies nothing! No matter how much you change Green Hill’s layout or boss, it’s still fucking Green Hill!
And I just love the trolls who fart out the catch phrase “well you wanted classic Sonic, you got it!” Like they’re legitimately pissed that Boom failed or w/e. These bitches KNOW full well why people are upset. You take one look at Studiopolis and suddenly Green Hill becomes invisible. Now 70% of the game will be irrelevant?
With ALL of the retro collections released since 2003, what is the point of repackaging old levels!? To cut costs!? It escapes the boundaries of logic and cohesion. Nobody wants 20% new game and 80% old shit. It’d be fucked up if there was new content that was exclusively DLC. I’m sure there’s an excuse here and there about this being an “Anniversary” title (because that ever mattered). Here’s my question. Since when did “Anniversary” translate to “Nostalgia Pandering”?
Infact, why would developers/publishers bother with Anniversary games!? They’re fucking video games! That’s what’s wrong with the Tales games right now. Just make an article about that shit on a website or throw some retarded party or w/e. Don’t let THAT influence development of a game. No one cares about celebrating how many years a gaming franchise has been around.
This is a half-assed reason to rehash levels. You don’t see a married couple renewing their vows every anniversary, do yah? You should only redesign levels if there is significant need to improve their design, not for a selling point to justify a purchase!
This…*scoffs* This seems… petty of me, I know. I keep telling myself I should’ve known better than to hope Sega wasn’t being duplicitous. A level ratio shouldn’t be anything to be upset over cause I honestly doubt the game will suck, but it will be far less intriguing. Again, you take 1 look at Studiopolis and you’re sold on it, cause in your mind, this is gonna be more than just a stroll down memory lane. How in the hell do you sell people on what could be 2-3 new levels!? While the rest of the game is just… it’s like that Moonwalker movie where it’s 70% homage and 20% actual movie. Fuck, all these percentages!!
Again. A million damn retro collections + digital rereleases + crappy pandering projects. A new game with more retro baggage than new content is fucking overkill. Where is the logic in this decision!? I sure as hell don’t see it.
Wait, old levels with different layouts!? That’s the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2! That’s New Super Luigi U! That’s…. hell that’s Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator!! Did ANYONE care about those lame ass projects!? What value is there to redesigning the layouts of OLD LEVELS!?
Gah, it’s so frustrating, this damn company! Some Mutha fuckas are gonna buy this game anyway if not for some vain attempt to show Sega what they want out of their Sonic games, but you know what, that’s fine. It’s useless due to Iizuka being a moron, but hell, funneling money away from Boom or w/e is the only real saving grace of this game right now.
*Sigh* Well, in the words of Cronos the Phoenix, “Better luck next time”.