In an interview.

“I like to create gameplay mechanics more than I do stories. The story might not be too different from past “Star Fox” games, but the gameplay mechanics are going to feel very different because of the two-screen system of the Wii U with the GamePad and TV screen. It’ll make for a very fun and unique way to play.”

And that is exactly what has been wrong with Star Fox since Adventures. I don’t get this guy’s deal with stories in video games being some irrelevant concept that only few would care for. As if the Zelda series would be anything more without a decently compelling narrative.

Miyamoto is like some 50+ year old teenager who wants to rebel against the trends or the world in some misguided attempt to be counter-culture. A story in a video game might not be a necessity if NSMBW and Mario Kart sales are anything to go by, but Miyamoto goes beyond story by ignoring content completely. This was the excuse he used to justify the existence of Sticker Star, a game with a concept so blazingly retarded that you’d have to be autistic to find any real enjoyment out of it.

But in regards to Star Fox? The last thing it needs is “new gameplay”. Nintendo has been able to revitalize Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart, Kirby (I guess?) and  (as much as it PAINS me to admit it) Donkey Kong Country by going back to their “roots”. What makes Star Fox so special that you can’t give it that same benefit? The only thing people fucking want out of Star Fox is what we had in the first 2 games. Pure arcade dog fighting bliss. But for some reason, Nintendo and Miyamoto don’t see fit to give us something so simple. Instead, to satisfy Miyamoto’s idiotic mechanics obsession, they have to ruin Star Fox even further than before. It sounds like they’re just going to remake the first 2 games with fucked up controls at this point.

I’ve played my fair share of science fiction games, and many of them have “Star Fox esq” levels. Sin and Punishment is a good Star Fox substitute. Asura’s Wrath (piece of shit) has several Star Fox esq. levels. Hell, even Ratchet and Clank provides more Star Fox action than Star Fox itself. You know what they all do? They try no funny business and stick to what is actually fun. Blasting enemies in space. Nintendo’s (or Miyamoto’s) problem is they continue to believe that Houdini control schemes make games revolutionary and by that vurtue, simply awesome. The Wii’s motion controls only made certain games more convenient to play by reducing the amount of buttons you had to press (fucking racing games are awesome on Wii). No one even jokes about the Wii’s “innovations” actually redefining games and making them all the better for it.

The only thing Star Fox needs is better content. Hell, it needs BETTER WRITERS. Getting away from the space drama trash of Assault and Command is the best step to recovery, but they don’t see that. They just see “oh, no one cared about Super Paper Mario’s story!? STORY IS NO LONGER IMPORTANT!”. It’s an incredible feat when a company’s behavior in response to video games matches the behavior of Sonic fans, never looking beyond the surface of what they see.

I believe people are well passed the point of patience when it comes to Nintendo’s treatment of anything that isn’t Mario or Zelda. This nonsense about how the Wii U controller will make Star Fox magically delicious is doing nothing but salting the wounds.