(random thoughts: Great, so they ARE exporting Sonic Boom to the Japanese under the name of “Sonic Toon“. LOL)

Gloom and doom.

I’m beginning to ponder exactly just how many people Capcom have severely pissed off in the last couple of years. Everyone seems to be looking at this bit of news in “joyous movement” or passive “oh well”. Course, you could put me in the latter.

Out of all companies, I’m also in the camp of saying Nintendo could benefit greatly from buying up Capcom considering having exclusive rights to 3 of their popular franchises (Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil) would boost the fuck out of their Pii U….. ok, I can’t lie like that, people would commit mass suicide if that were to ever happen. But, they’re the only ones who have the capital to do so. Hope they can deal with buying their debt as well.

But that would be horrible news if they did. I don’t think anyone wants Nintendo in their current state to buy any developer with a modicum of talent. ….. though in this case, buying Capcom would keep those blood suckers from tainting Sega any further. Hmm…

Well, they did say “sacrifices have to be made”. 😛 …….But Mega Man X will no longer exist O_O. And worst yet… no sequel to this.

Oh that glorious ass