So I had this dream last night after watching the squick fested trailer, it was about Scorpion getting fatalitied via in some hospital bed where he’s pregnant. Yeah, he gives birth to a demon baby, Nightmare on Elm Street Style, and then the little fucker crawls over him, blood all over the sheets, and it starts mauling his neck. Yep, I am one fucked up person.

Anywho, loads of new videos that I’m too lazy to post (except this)

because yeah, you all needed to see that overrated (OOPS) fucker get ripped to shreds. Yeah, FUCK SCORPION!

Cassie Cage needs more work on her model and animations, and Kotal Khan is goddamned awesome.

What’s really interesting though is that Kotal Khan has a similar animation to Shao Khan (throwing a javelin at his opponents). That combined with the name definitely confirms a relation to the Emperor of Outworld. Ferratorr is still shit, D’vorah’s X-Ray is painful to look at, and the journalists at E3 sound like irritating college kids when they talk about this game. I really want to know why everyone is in love with Ferratorr, though. I don’t see the appeal.

Kinda funny how no one wants to do Scorpion’s fatality in any of these vids. 😛 This game is looking much better as the vids keep pouring in, but it would be much better if there wasn’t any jackass commentary. I’m also hoping one of Sub-Zero’s “variants” (isms) makes it so he can put up a fight without relying too much on his turtle freeze powers. Scorpion keeps getting all these slick ass moves and Subby is still stuck charging up his ice traps and stupid snowballs. As long as Boon’s favorite fuck buddy has that goddamn fast ass teleport, Subby ain’t standin no chance.

What I hope doesn’t happen is that the variants would become the expies for certain characters. I see Cassie has some of Sektor’s moves (missiles raining down on the opponent, that kind of shit) and it seems D’vorah has one of Kitana’s moves (fan levitation).

But man, did this game just show how clinically insane the hardcore are. People are running around spittin how it was a bad move to make the game “cross generation” because the graphics are not up to their insane standards, saying that being on PS3 and 360 was just “holding it back”. I mean goddamn, you’d really want to deny mother fuckers that don’t have a BS4 or an Xbone the opportunity to play this game because of it’s goddamn graphics!? How much better does it need to look!? It’s absolutely incredible just how obnoxious the internet gaming communities can be over graphics alone.

*sigh* 2015 is gonna be a long wait. How odd, I never imagined myself being excited over any game at E3 after 2006. And of all things, it’s for Mortal fucking Kombat.

Also, this might be my final post before I move so don’t be surprised if nothing else is posted in about 3-5 months, not that anyone gives a damn, but yah know. On the bright side, you won’t have to hear me piss and moan about Sonic Doom anymore. 😛