Yep… this game looks lame. Even the speed segments don’t look half as fun as they originally appeared (maybe because they look too samey?)

I like how this trailer displays how desperate BRB is to distance this game from the other Sonic games by pointing out that Robotnik isn’t the primary antagonist (Like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06… and Sonic Heroes. Not to mention how extra lame the combat is.

Yep… this show looks lame. I recoil at Knuckles being a typical “I R COOLER THAN MAIN CHARACTER” cliche.

Evil ham“, really? I miss the days when Robotnik wasn’t some solo Team Rocket parody. Dean Bristow must be rolling in his grave.

What’s with this sudden development of Robotnik making failed technology, btw? A character with an IQ of w/e hundred oh why bother bitching, some asshole will turn up to scream “DIFFERENT UNIVERSE” even though Iizuka is supposed to make sure there’s slight continuity between this piece of shit and his Retard Sonic.