You know, if I didn’t see Temple of Doom when I was child, I wouldn’t be nauseous looking at Scorpion’s Fatality. Fuck Scorpion.

I’m getting loads of Injustice vibes which, to me, isn’t a good thing. Injustice played like shit in a lot of ways, and 2 of the new characters revealed also look as though they came out Injustice. I mean, Ferrator’s animations are so “Bane”, dude.

I’m also concerned about a later announcement of Cassie Cage, Johnny and Sonya’s daughter. I don’t care that it’s another “new generation” of fighters thing, but man if that don’t confirm that some characters are getting dropped. I WANT MY JAX MANG! KUNG LAO! RASTAFARIAN CYRAX!  If them fighters ain’t in, I’m gonna be pissed. And I hope no one uses the “story” of 9 to justify character exclusions considering Sub-Zero is still there.

Still, the game looks nice, if not a tad more excessive in the fatality department. There also seems to be some “isms/grooves” in this game where player’s fighting styles are altered depending on 1 of 3 different skill sets you choose. Something I welcome as long as the changes aren’t minimal like Crapcom’s isms.

What I really find funny is that everyone thought the first trailer was actual gameplay and is now pissed at actual footage. A blind dog could tell you that was CGI.

You know what’s even funnier? I start talking about Pac Man and all of a sudden, he’s popping up in fucking Smash Bros. Yeah yeah, I know, Namco, the people who messed up Star Fox…

EDIT: : Here’s another vid.