I don’t know. This one is looking less interesting than before. I mean… sure it’s a helluva lot better than what Pii U has now and is getting in the future…. but idk. Maybe it’s that everyone looks to much like they came from Xenosaga and looks more like typical animu shit like Macross or Aquarion EVOL.

Xenoblade was interesting in that you had a kid with a sword that allowed him to see into the future as well as taking down giant robots. Up until the Angel wing aliens, the revenge story was also captivating. It had very neat concepts.

XCX now just looks generic. But after 2 other decent trailers, this one just seems pathetic. Oh look, another alien race wishing to push humanity into the brink of extinction, and it seems the main characters are PMSing over whether or not to let that happen because humans are bastards.

Eh, it’s just one shitty trailer. Eww, Riki’s back.