…..I hope!

Along with some open world Zelda game that I’m positive Aonuma will fuck up anyway, it seems Nintendo is set on bringing Star Fox back from the dead. Yeah, fuck Miyamoto.

In his new version of Star Fox — still fundamentally a spaceship-based shooter — players now use the GamePad’s motion controls to aim and fire the Arwing’s weapons, simultaneously controlling the nimble craft itself by thumbing the joysticks to accelerate or turn and pull off signature moves like barrel rolls, loops and the tactically essential Immelman turn. And you can still morph your Arwing into a land tank, rocketing down to the surface of a planet, then rattling around the battlefield and laying waste to the landscape.

…uhhhhh…. what?

So you use both motion controls and joysticks to… aim and shoot… and turn and barrel roll?

Wait… a new vehicle mode to “exemplify motion controls”.

………NEVERMIND! Star Fox is still dead. Move on with your lives, kiddos.

And then there’s a “Yoshi Wooly World”. That Yarn Yoshi shit they didn’t bother to show again for a while? And Bayonetta has more Nintendo costumes for Nintendo’s own faux-imperialistic vanity once more. JOY!

Damn, they got me all excited, and they plan to fuck up Star Fox with ingenious motion controls. Yuck, yuck, and more eww.