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Yes, I have been living under a rock. I was previously under the assumption that the interwebs were so intrinsically in love with Sonic Doom. Or at least that was what Rafei would’ve had us believe. Now, we have Frost who sees a completely different picture. Apparently, it’s too true that internet gamers care too damn much about “gameplay”, now there’s all kinds of rage since the gameplay reels started showing up. What happened to all the “wait till you play” shit, internet!?

Anywho, the PR wizardry has failed, and BRB has made the biggest mistake when it comes to handling their PR. Responding to criticism…. verbally. The only way that a developer should respond is by making changes to the game that adhere’s to the consumer’s expectations. The moment you try to steer criticism away by suggesting the player’s tastes are not in-line with “what you’re trying to do”, you have failed the consumer.

What I find laughable is that Frost is responding to Sonic Stadium, the biggest shill site for Pachinko Sega’s junk. Is this some sort of PR wizardry for Stadium to save face? Who knows? The nonsense weaved is no less hilarious.

Trying not to comment on much right now, since it always takes time for stuff to sink in and I want people to have some time with the footage and screens before I try to jump in and answer questions, etc. I did want to say, though, that speed sections are not just isolated to roads that connect hubs to levels. There are also speed sections and roads, etc. within levels and hubs. Each of the levels that you are seeing footage from has speed sections in them. We just didn’t show them because they aren’t going to be at E3.

Basically, only 3 levels thus far. The question is why no show what is honestly the only good thing about your game? Through out this entire foolish campaign, BRB has demonstrated knowledge that this is what fans want. Yet they refuse to display more of it in favor of derivative bullshit no one wants in Sonic games.

Furthermore, as I know how Sonic fans are, when a gameplay element has been tried and failed, they usually assume it’s automatically wrong to pursue that element again. Werehog was poorly received, therefore beat em up gameplay is “not the way” for Sonic games. There’s nothing wrong with beat em ups in hindsight, except when they don’t look fun. People expect Sonic games to be fast paced. This is slow as shit. The reason why the speed segments are considered good is because they are faster paced and look fun.  Since you have declared that those segments are a minority, then Sonic Doom will be treated the same way as Sonic Unleashed and Star Fox Assault. A disproportionate game filled with more crap no one wants. The video game version of a tease.

The E3 demo covers the same areas that you have seen footage of and was chosen to clearly represent what the differences are in Sonic Boom versus a normal “Sonic” title developed by Sonic Team. The levels chosen also feature more of a dark look with very little green or natural colors because, again, we wanted to clearly show some of the differences in the game. That’s not to say that we don’t have greenery, water, etc. and other more-natural things. But I think that is what people generally expect, so we chose to show something different.

Now this is interesting. People complaining about the world design over the characters. Shows how backward Stadium really is.

The last thing I wanted is for people who are generally not that familiar to Sonic to look at the E3 demo and just say it looks the same… I don’t get how this is different.

After Lost Mind, people wouldn’t mind some more of “the same” after that shit fest. Where is the proof that games that play nearly exactly the same as their predecessors become less popular over time? That’s only for games that are shit from the start. The people that complain about games being “more of the same” are the same nerds who proclaim Nintendo to be the vanguard of innovation.

The last thing I expect from people is to say “Sonic’s meritocratic gameplay sucks, please use derivative ideas from games no one likes because that’s honestly what people expect Sonic games to do”. When people think Sonic, people think “fast”. Does different mean “slow”? Nobody wants slow in Sonic games.

But of course, Sonic can’t work in a traditional “3D platformer” context without slowing his blue ass down. The lacking emphasis on speed would not impede all the “creative” bullshit in Doom. Like Amy’s triple jump. Or Knuckles’s continuing “treasure hunts” that everyone HATES.

So, we erred on the side on the side of making sure everything looked different than normal. The sections chosen, such as the specific parts of the levels, the boss fight, the speed section were all chosen to represent, again, clear differences between this game and the normal branch of Sonic… and also are tuned to make sure everyone gets through them all. They do not represent final challenge, etc. that you will see in the final game.

I beg to differ. Many demos I’ve seen and played were barely any different from the final builds. There might be a few updates here and there, maybe faster frames on moves and animation, but that is merely a fraction of the problem. The final build will still contain “coop puzzles” as they call them (FCAs), it will still contain fetch quests, and I’m more than willing to bet they will still contain the poor dialogue mid gameplay (with subtitles included). The speed segments will still be tied to enerbeams for no reason, and will be minimal to the entire game.

I do so tire of developers, publishers, and their hardcore pawns going about screaming “It’s a demo” to try and steer criticism. What more do you need at this point to convince yourself that this game is or isn’t for you? You can go through interviews, you can go through trailers, and now you can go through gameplay vids, and it’s STILL not enough to pass judgment on?

People consciously decide whether or not something is relevant to their interests via previews and more previews. Usually, they become interested by their first visual taste, or by association of a company. And if they can’t decide whether they like it or not, they begin searching for more info on the product. If people decide it’s not worth their time, it is the fault of the creators of said product. NOT the people who lost interest. Instead of taking a piss on the people for writing you off, you need to find out why they lost interest and *gasp* ADDRESS THEIR COMPLAINTS if they exist!

These devs have addressed nothing thus far. I’m certain the designs can’t change now for the sake of continuity between this piece of crap and a cartoon that will probably be worse, but when it comes to actual gameplay, you’re not even willing to change that up.

There is no run button but boost pads, bouncepads and zip lines exist in levels to further boost speed. Overall level pacing is thought of. There are some areas where enemies will need to be defeated to continue on and areas where enemies are just around if you want to fight them for drops.

“Drops”. Does that confirm actual grinding?

If your game has all that “speed”, then show it and convince people the game is worth their time. And clarify. Boost speed for… what? A couple of seconds and then it’s back to crappy “3D Platformer” garbage? Speed in Sonic has been nothing more than “hit a speeder and watch him go” for a while until Sonic Rush where you actually controlled the automation spectacle. Then Lost Mind went back to that junk.

Also, the need to defeat enemies to progress mid-level has been a terrible mechanic since the day it was invented (I think it was Kirby that did it?). That doesn’t boost my optimism whatsoever. I’m assuming that this would also be used for levels with some “time limit” to cause tension when these rooms get locked down.

‘m obviously disappointed that you’re not feeling as positive as you previously were, but I just hope you can hold judgement until you see more about the game in the weeks and months ahead. That’s not to say that you’ll change your mind at all, but please keep in mind that the footage seen and the E3 demo maybe represent 15-20 mins of the game, if that. And this is not a game where you can get a full picture of from what you have been seeing so far.

I’m disappointed you think that first impressions aren’t everything. People aren’t going to wait for things to get better. There are far better games out to be hyped up for, and too little time for games in general. You need to give people a reason to be excited NOW. Even animu shit stains like Akiba’s Trip and absolute trash like Tomodachi life… are getting more hype than Sonic the Hedgehog.  This is dangerous thinking, dictating that people wait for more info or developments. People don’t need that much more than what you’ve already delivered.

That’s what I love about the game industry. Everyone thinks they’re special, and shouldn’t adhere to the same rules of nature that every other industry follows. Treating used games no differently than bootleg/pirated movies is pure proof.

Of course, if you are the kind of person who loves boost gameplay or full-on speed all the time, then this probably won’t be your cup of tea. And nothing I say is going to change that. This is just simply a different kind of experience.

Here’s the problem. Nothing in this game is “different” from any of the previous Sonic games we’ve played. Speed segments have reaction-based shortcuts and gimmicks (like Rush/Unleashed/Colors/Generations), combat features strategic enemy fighting (like Heroes/Shadow/06/Secret Rings/Black Knight), there’s fetch quests (like every Sonic game since Adventure), cartoony robot sidekicks (like SA2/Battle/Omochao) etc. etc. The only thing different is that the game features coop actions (like S4E2……OOPS!).

We know all this shit too well because we’ve played Sonic games that featured all this bullshit. None of these elements clicked with people outside of Rush. Retro Sonic and Rush Sonic happened to be the only kinds of Sonic that people like. No one likes Combat Sonic, Fetch Sonic, or Puzzle Sonic. And here, you’ve taken those 3 core Sonic’s that no one likes and is on the road to making them many times worse/slower. Displaying the unique powers of each character is a euphemism for making tedious tasks that require specific character abilities because the developers made asinine restrictions prohibiting any other character from participating. The section that Amy is in could easily be done with Tails and Knuckles, but is there just to show off creativity and an abnormal love for Amy. It’s a different experience simply because you and no one else wants it.

The game reeks of a desire to break developer monotony and not create an entertaining experience. 3D Platformers died early because of everything in Sonic Doom. That said, the people that likes the “Boost”or “full on speed” shit (the entirety of the fandom and anyone possessing any interest in Sonic these days) will despise Sonic Doom.

The good side of this is that folks who might not have been interested in Sonic before may have some interest now based upon what they are seeing. The bad side is that hardcore Sonic fans may see these new elements in these level sections and extrapolate that the rest of the level(s) must be similar, and become, like you, less optimistic. It’s not an ideal situation, that’s for sure, but it was definitely crucial for us to show the new direction of the game, so that’s what we are trying to do.

There is no good side as people who’ve seen the designs are already turned off. And extrapolate? What more are we supposed to think considering through out every interview, you and Rafei have been on record to say that the GOOD parts will be minimal in favor of these kinds of segments. Obviously, the whole game won’t present the same exact challenges (if that’s what he’s implying), else we can easily say hell with it. However, to consider it a new direction beyond lame character designs is a farce.  The game’s existence is, thus far, solely for the purpose of mockery, and to serve as a example of developer oversight and hardheadedness.

Anyway, I’m rambling on a bit too much here. The point that I am trying to make, though, is that I hope that everyone doesn’t take a bit of footage and a single game demo and base everything upon them. We still have a ways until launch and we still have a lot to show.

I hope that w/e BRB decided not to show is actually worth someone’s attention. These doorknobs have no idea how to attract people to their game. They display all this nonsense of “gameplay importance” and hoping we don’t take that as evidence of the game’s quality when they don’t even know the concept of first impressions. People weren’t hyped at all with the first trailer back in February, and people are damn sure not diggin the game in it’s current state.

It’s frustrating being a fan of a series that’s gone down the drain, and you’re dealing with developers who make all these outlandish changes, and have all the fucking nerve to say “give it a chance”. $60 is too big a price for a “chance”, on a console no one wants, no less. These idiots have o idea what they’re doing, and they couldn’t give a fuck. It ain’t their money being spent, apparently.

This is the problem with outsourcing, the company getting the deal has no obligation to the fans but to the publisher itself. And if the company doesn’t give a damn, then there is no hope. They have TOYS to sell, bitches!

Oh…I’m sorry Mr.Frost :(….you can take your Generic Ratchet and Clank Clone and fuck off

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Ghostly Adventures is so shitty, mang! What’s with this “Pac Man goes to school with jocks” crap!?