Wrong answer Sliconera.

The real answer is people like to travel. People WANT to see more of the game’s content. People WANT to get to new places. They are motivated by the self interest of going places.

Even then, I do like the exchange going on.

Wosada said to Siliconera. “When you play modern games, there are lots of elements that make them feel like a tedious chores to beat certain stages as opposed to this where every time you die it makes sense and every time you clear a stage it feels gratifying. Maybe it isn’t necessarily a trend, but games that feel rewarding through persistence a lot of people’s answer to making modern games easier and the feeling of satisfaction isn’t there.”

This is why Shinobi on 3DS, Ratchet and Clank prior to Crack in Time, and Metal Gear Rising are fucking rad, and why Sonic Boom is really Sonic Doom. The modern games feel like chores because that’s exactly what you’re doing. FUCKING CHORES! When a game like Skyward Sword demands that you must use motion plus to practice a move that you’ll only use once to destroy several targets in a short amount of time all the while the controls are terrible, that is a fucking chore. When a game like Shinobi demands you make a tricky jump to avoid taking damage as you progress, you feel like a bad mother fucker.

Challenge isn’t exclusively the reason why “tough games” are rising in popularity, but most of them feel like “natural progression“. Looking in worlds for several collectables is not natural progression, it’s a fucking chore. Going into worlds to complete several missions or minigames before moving on is not natural progression (and it’s a wonder why Dynasty Warriors lasted this long). Having to solve tedious puzzles with all the handicaps with it is not natural progression. The greatest mistakes of game design lies in the denial of natural progression which is simply the player trying to make his/her way to the finish line while dealing with enemies and traps.

The appeal of games from the 90s wasn’t in their difficulty. It is but a miniscule factor of their longevity. People are motivated by the desire to see the rest of the game. Bragging rights is only for the nerds and alpha males with lack of achievements in their lives….. or for fighting game fans.

If Wosada did anything right (I wouldn’t know), it’s moving away from bullshit. Puzzles, Fetch Quests, and Missions are the bane of modern video games. The 3 witches of Macbeth.

Why do we have these things? My gut instinct is that it makes the developer’s jobs easier and exciting. Afterall, making 6 stages that have the same goal in mind is boring and monotonous to them. So they need bullshit to make their jobs less boring. Even though all they’d need to do is give the levels enough unique shit to keep themselves entertained. I think out of all gaming series, Sonic and Mega Man had levels that were distinct enough outside visuals and music. Why would their jobs be boring?

Eh, I wouldn’t know.