Mario Kart 8 barely makes a dent in Pii U sales.

It sold well for a while. It’s the top seller… but only amongst those that already own the Pii U. Japan’s not running out to buy the device for it. Not to mention being lower than Mario Kart 7, even.

What’s even nastier is the fucking Vita is outselling the Pii U. By just a million units. I don’t even know what Vita TV is, and it’s kicking Pii U’s ass.

At this point, Nintendo has to be getting cold feet. 20k units in 2 weeks and that’s lower than 3DS. So far, their major titles have bombed. We all knew Nintendo land wasn’t gonna do shit. Pikmin had no chance in the jaws of ammut.  Wind Breaker obviously did jack shit. 3D World rightfully follows in the footsteps of 3D Mario…. but it’s fucking Mario Kart!

It’s probably too early to call it in, but people can’t possibly be that turned off from the console to not get to some Mario Kart. Hell, even NSMBU made more of a dent.

*sigh* I need to start packing soon.