I’m sure this will be taken down soon. But from what I gather, Sonic is again the only character that looks fun to play. And the only fun segments are… the running segments, of course. But hearing the descriptions of “coop puzzles” terrifies me. And a lot of the combat seems limited to dragging enemies around to damage bigger bosses.

One thing I’ve noticed is that combat is…. slow. While the animations look nice, in hindsight seeing characters just have a hideously long frame delay between each hit is bad for my eyes. It makes combat look jagged, especially seeing Knuckles’s Spine Drive Upper from SA2 practically freezing between each hit. I honestly hoped the combat would look more enjoyable than what we got. And hearing that you use the gamepad when it comes time to separate from certain characters?

Who honestly liked this shit?

That is stupid design. All the hype about how the game is about “working together”, you have areas in which only one character can access at a time, leaving the other person behind temporarily. These fucking gimmicks, man. If that’s some horse’s ass way of showing off how “unique” each character is, you’re 20 years too late.

Thus far, I haven’t seen anything resembling “strategic” combat against enemies outside of bosses (which is a good thing, I suppose, can’t imagine what stupidity they would think of). There’s the silly “need to take care of shields” cliche we’ve seen about a million times, of course, but nothing too obnoxious yet. Perhaps (hopefully), that’s all there is to it while you repeat that process for about a million levels. I am bothered in seeing that during the running(GOOD) segments, you need to whip out that damn enerbeam just to progress through an obstacle. And it looks linear, too.

All in all, if the running segments didn’t take a back seat or have that tether shit in between, this would’ve been a nicer looking game. But for what it is, it looks like a poor man’s Mystic Heroes.