That even sounds like Marine. Alternate universe, says retarded shit all the time, and is a nut. And the best name they could come up with is fucking “Sticks”?

Were they seriously trying to convince us that they didn’t put Marine in this game? All the speculation about Marine being in the game must’ve pissed them off that they probably went “Ok, everyone figured it out. Lets change her clothes from green to some brown caveman drag … and make her a little smarter so that we can prove the fans wrong!”

It seems BRB has about the same level of hostility towards their fans as Capcom, only in the passive-aggressive sense. I mean if they have Mike Pollock going around implying Sonic fans are not familiar with their vocabulary, they must be pissed off.

And they managed to make Sonic and Knuckles look even more idiotic (they should never have changed the designs in the first place). It looks like they just photoshopped some beta Sonic Adventure model onto Sonic’s head.