Nintendo actually catering to their fans for once? I thought it was impossible! Certainly, everyone uses the Gamecube controller for Brawl (well… if mine still worked, at least.) so making people use akward controllers for newer installments would be alienating enough. Course, they could do like Sony and NOT CHANGE THE FUCKING CONTROLLER EVERY NEW CONSOLE THEY RELEASE! That way, people can be eased into the shit without needing to readjust for every sequel that comes out.

Isn’t it funny that Nintendo is a company that forces innovation on their consumers via games… but the one franchise that is used for advertising Nintendo’s history and vanity… is using a somewhat practical controller? It’s essentially them admitting that some games don’t need that Black Magic BS they do with their games. It won’t stop them from trying in the future, but for now, it’s one of the few things good about Smash 4 (probably the only thing). It’s as though they have little faith in the game itself to sell people on it now that they specifically make a controller suited to everyone’s Smash tastes. And someone kick me if I use “Smash tastes” ever again.

Certainly, if they had enough capacity to moderately fuck up Kirby in Triple Deluxe, they can fuck up Smash Brothers on a level that is once believed to be astronomical. So how is it that Smash Bros. can escape this conundrum (for now?)

Even more… what are they gonna do about the 3DS version? That shitty nub ain’t gonna cut it.