But for real, this is probably the only Nintendo game that has my interest. And I’m not sayin that because I actually like the “Warriors” games, but as a Zelda title, it’s legitimately interesting for once.

Link has a scarf. He didn’t look “Adventurous” enough.


I’m gonna blow your ass straight off the map! Goodbye!


Did someone order some Bleach!?

Does every game have the Laido Sword Style now?

Cool villains

And Magic Peep shows

People were turned off by the mere mention of the game having the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors because Dynasty Warriors…. is repetitive. I’ll admit, if you gotta grind for any kind of special shit, it gets old after about 50 fights or so, but there’s just something appealing about using incredibly powerful characters against thousands of mooks and completely destroying fields of enemies. In the context of Zelda, it’s orgasmic to think about all the wild shit you could do.

I’m kinda hoping they make it more like “Mystic Heroes” where you can use special moves at anytime and not be chained to a combo string, and having actual “levels” rather than just fields of enemies with random missions to complete.

And for the record, this game was the shit.

If they do, Hyrule Warriors would turn out like a modern Zelda 1 or 2! Just not as hard and… having enemies from Skyward Sword. W/e the case, the series needs to branch away from the Aonuma trash that has plagued the series since the late 90s. Hell, since Link’s Awakening. The series desperately needs less puzzle crap and more action, and the Warriors series delivers on action.

My concerns are, of course, if the game turns into a grind fest. ALL Warriors games have this problem, whether it’s the Gundam games or the Chinese people or the Samurais, or even the Chibi’s, Koei cannot break free of the Grind methods for “replay value”. Zelda has never been a Grind up until Skyward Sword, and wasn’t fun even with that.

But yes. This is a step in the right direction. In terms of not making Zelda a long drawn out bore, that is.