Physical games are still preferred.

This looks smexy

I could see the demand for digital increasing simply because digital games happen to be of higher quality than the current crop of physical media we get today. Shit, one look at Capcom’s catalog would tell you their digital Duck Tales game is a helluva lot better than their RE6 mantra. Even SF2HD is hotter than SF4. Sega? Definitely digital. Namco? Tag 2 doing worse than Revolution is strange enough as it is.

Even then, there is a strong desire to keep physical copies of what people buy. The sense of ownership (people like owning crap), the ability to let people “borrow” a game, actual refunds outside of EA, and a reduced chance of burning out Sony’s piece of shit harddrives. So if the physical games are gonna be the same long drawn out pieces of hollywood pandering bullshit like the Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Animu driven bullocks like Skyward Sword, Tales of Xillia, or any game that sends people running toward that damn Madden franchise, the demand for digital is only going to get bigger. Especially since the “core gamer” population is decreasing.

Unfortunately, we can’t expect much when the “biggest game of the launch years” is some shit called Watch Dogs. Thugs with a Batman complex FTW.

That said, why does everyone keep yapping about Steam so much?