Their old allies, Philips, is suing their asses.

Now I know why Microshit is selling Kinect-less Xbones. 😀

Philips talks about Nintendo being willfully blind, but who in the green hell was supposed to know about a “virtual body control device”?

Reading the contents, Philips could pretty much sue Sony and Microshit for the same damn reason. But why target Nintendo? Could be a number of reasons.

1. Nintendo advertised their consoles as being motion controlled wonders. Sony and Microshit didn’t get on board with “motion controls” until after the Wii’s popularity, and even Sony had motion controllers at the start of their console launch though it had limited promotion… or mention.
2. Nintendo are at a stage of financial instability?
3. Targeting a competitor that is not in the public’s favor is a pretty smart move. If they went after Sony, they might fall pray to public scorn as Sony is the “darling” of the interwebs. Microshit… not so much, but is a European (or if you want to be anal about it, “American”) owned company and thus, they are more or less part of the tribe. That and the gaming industry has been “after” Nintendo for years. What better time to strike than when-(refer to 2).

What counts as a “virtual body control device”? Or “Interactive Virtual Modeling Device”? It makes this lawsuit sound fishy. I’ve looked up the company’s products and the most I can dig out are regular home appliances like washing machines, tea kettles (fucking serious…), CD players, DVD and BluRay players, PC products, and even Healthcare systems. All of this comes from the “research and development” sector, which tells me dick other than “they were making shit up in their free time.” And their other patent claim, they didn’t even send a letter to Nintendo about infringement of their “pointing devices” but instead suggests that Nintendo “just knew” they were ripping them off.

Wait… now that I think about it, Nintendo was boasting a lot about how they plan to get involved into the realm of “health”. They were creating a whole new business division in their company dedicated to health and wellness and trying to combine that with “entertainment”. Afterall, there has to be a reason that we have 2 goddamn Wii Fit characters in Smash 4! And Philips has developed loads of healthcare products thus far, including imaging software and ultrasound. Maybe this is Philips’s way of stamping out the competition? And those Trauma Center games

Nah, this lawsuit is too vague to even matter in the long run. Don’t even know why I brought up Atlus games. Funny enough, this isn’t the first time Nintendo has been sued for using motion technology in their games. I remember there was a case back in 07 or 08 that some random company no one has ever heard of wanted some free money. Nintendo still walked away shittin cheese.

I’ve never heard of another company getting sued for motion controlled games aside from Nintendo. Is that coincidental? Even Sony admitted to using motion controls back on the PSX. Something called the “Pelican”. And Sega had the Airpad on Saturn. And even House of the Dead 4 has motion controlled light guns…. then again, Nintendo was the only one that raked in profits. >_>

I bet Nintendo is looking back at that CDI partnership with salty tears.