Yurugu’s influence is strong.

Sega Sammy reported a mild drop in profits in the last fiscal year compared to its previous year and poor sales of packaged games in its consumer business segment, spurring the company to pour more resources into launching mobile and free-to-play games in the coming year.

The company reported that sales of boxed games like Total War: Rome II and Football Manager 2014 were disappointing, but took pains to highlight the favorable performance of digital games like Phantasy Star Online 2 and mobile games like Chain Chronicle.

To that end the company plans to launch 43 new digital games in the coming fiscal year, 30 of which will be free-to-play titles. The company will also be working to convert properties that have traditionally been sold as packaged games to digital products.

Look at this fantastic nonsense. 30 F2P games in a year. 

You know the similarity between Sega and Capcom? Both their retail games have been underwhelming on all fronts, especially Sega. Have they managed to sell ANY retail games since 2005? Lack of quality and awareness be damned. With the exception of maybe the vocaloid nonsense, I can’t see Sega having any good times at the best buy. But the quick fix solution is to go digital now. According to the whole word, digital sales are spiking upwards, reaching the heavens and soaring above the world.

Course, when you look at Sega’s output in comparison to their retail releases…

Even with it’s bullshit “No Dpad” gameplay


Their digital output is genuinely better than their retail games. And that usually seems to be the case. Digital games take after more “Arcadey” games than retail titles (with the exception of those shitty F2p Namco fighters) than their literal computer brethren, so seeing as they get more attention is obvious.

F2P, however, is a business model that has come under fire for numerous occassions, mostly because the insidious methods publishers have used to get you to pony up. As I’ve stated from my experiences with F2P MMOs, usually if you go free, you are fucked for the majority of the game. You will be severely underpowered for everything, and you will never get to experience a majority of the game’s perks without paying (Or Ntreev is such a bastard company that it certainly seems that way). I remember playing Dungeon Fighter and never having as much frustration as I did with Grand Chase, not to mention the community wasn’t a bunch of fuckwits that wanted to show off it’s stats.

Sega isn’t a company I would trust with any kind of F2P model or MMO models in general (and before anyone asks, no I don’t play Phantasy Star over the internet). Considering they’ve had one digital/mobile game (Kingdom Conquest?) where they only gave one region their most godly equipment while everyone else got screwed. “Good luck with that PVP environment, Baka Gaijin“!

Personal experiences aside, I can’t see how they plan to manage 30 different F2P games all at once. Sure, they’ve bought an assload of developers out, but outside of the PSO2 team and the Total War devs, pulling this off without a hitch seems fallible.