……I suppose I should explain why I deleted my last post. My stance on the matter is unchanged and has nothing to do with w/e was in those 18+ comments (I wasn’t about to read no essays either). Visiting my dear mama on M-Day, we had a talk about certain things that go on in this crazy ass world, she gettin old and a lot of shit disturbs her like how people can say absolutely cruel things freely over the internet. I’m like “……shit“.

And damned proud of it. Happy mother’s day, bitches.

That Concerned Reader can kiss my ass though. 😛  Anywho, I caught one of the comments mentioning Malstrom writing something similar about this. Haven’t read his blog since he started raving about the stupidity of College Students or w/e. He made a recent post in response to a Scott. I don’t see where this is social commentary or even a political thing, it’s just some random fa…ge… fage, that’s a fruity yogart, isn’t it? Oh, Ammut is gonna eat my ass alive. A random gay person took offense to the fact that he/she could not marry the same sex of his/her partner’s Mii. That to me sounds utterly ridiculous and something unnecessary to think is wrong with the game. The fact that websites were blowing the fuck up over it anyway is disturbing as hell. The fact that Nintendo quickly made a statement to appease them actually pisses me off. As I said previously, we can’t get a good Starfox, Metroid, or a Zelda because they all have their own ideologies about game design, but they were clearly afraid of pissing off gays any further. That is the real problem. Remember when Chick Fila got into some shit cause the manager didn’t want to serve gays?

It’s a damn Chicken Joint!

Ironically, they’re still in business. I’m assuming that’s gonna be blamed us. >_>

And I think back…. seeing how everyone talked shit about the Africans that were pissed over Resident Evil 5, or how everyone shit talked Christians who thought Pokemon was “Satanic”, or how everyone talks shit about Jack Thompson and… “anyone” really about video game violence, you have to seriously think how fucking backward this country is. I could infer how homosexuality is a piece of European heritage and Europeans are damned serious about making everyone accept their culture while actively rejecting everyone else’s (or accepting it when they see use/profitability in it), but when you have (as one commenter pointed out) games like Dragon Age that have gay marriage as a feature, along with several other games (I think Fable has it as well?), crying about ONE fucking game that doesn’t have it, regardless of the “bug” that allowed it previously… is obnoxious. I don’t whine about every negative image of Africans in video games (which happens frequently, I might add) because it’s never gonna fuckin change, and besides that, there’s some positives I can find in certain games. You get one instance where you’re not represented and it’s suddenly a problem? This would ENCOURAGE people to NOT tolerate gays because they would see it as an imposition of their ways. I’ve heard this one cat talk about how they have elementary schools reading to kids these little books or poems like “I’ll be the greatest queen in mommy’s heels” and I’m like “what!?”. This the kind of shit that makes homeschooling look attractive. People usually go on about “it’s cool, as long as you keep it away from me”, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

I don’t see it as a political thing, nor do I see how this is a “hardcore problem” (how the fuck do you even come to that conclusion?), I see it as partially imperialistic. If you don’t have gay content in your game, you shouldn’t feel pressured to put it in. Seeing as Nintendo eagerly tries to calm the waters with gays while they continue to piss off all their fans is just….. yeah. Nintendo is pretty stupid these days, but this

I mean hardcore gamers hate gays as much as a christian would, least from what I see.

Pac-Man will be banned because it only glamorizes a heterosexual relationship.

I actually thought that was funny.

Ehg.. you would not believe the shit I had to sit through. My mother wanted to see that “Amazing Spiderman 2”. I was like “Oh lawd”. She goes to see the Winter Soldier (good ass movie) and now she’s all hyped up for X-Men. We come out the theater all pissed off and shit, she wanted a refund right off the back! I told her “I’m sorry you had to see that”. Come on, Harry Osborn in the prison crying “I NEED YOU! I NEED YOU!” like a lil’ bitch. Some 14 year old goth kid wrote this script.