Why, oh why. It seems to be a trope. When a developer or publisher ultimately fails on making a GOOD first impression of their game, they fall into the defense of “wait till you play”.  Nintendo Power used this excuse for Yoshi’s Island way back in the Super Nintendo days.

Why was Yoshi’s Island so unpopular back then?

Because it looks like baby shit?

That and poor mechanics such as taking care of a Baby Mario.

People did not respond favorably to the game because it didn’t look cool. Gamers are shallow people. We go by what looks cool and relevant to our tastes.

Now I’m not aware of any complaints that occurred during SA1’s tenure as everyone I was surrounded by wanted this game like crack. That and I had no real internet access back then. But w/e the case is, it must not have been too bad. Wind Waker bad? No. DmC bad? No. Act Zero bad? Good lord no.

Sonic Boom…. is Wind Waker bad. SA1 and beyond would be “enhancing” an old design. And I’ll admit, I hated Sonic’s shoes in SA2.

06 had an oddball “style” where all the characters looked weird, but they gladly changed that shit back to something we’re familiar with. Even then, it would be considered “enhancing” the older designs (am I the only one who liked Robotnik’s appearance in that game?)

Sonic Boom… is retroactively changing the designs. This does not look like the Sonic people know and…. know well. The characters look even worse than 06. And people are turned the fuck off. Even more so when there are claims that they were changed to fit stereotypical standards of the artists themselves in some false goal of helping “children” know what their powers are. I don’t recall Sonic’s power being “adventurous“. That serves no benefit to anyway.

I don’t have to wait to know I will play shitty looking variations of characters I’ve known since 91.

As I’ve said before, even the gameplay turns me off. Knowing that there is the presence of a gimmick, something that you have to use in order to get around in this game, and that there are forced coop actions similar to All 4 One alienates the fuck out of me. I don’t have to wait to know that there will be strings attached to my progress in-game.

There is no rule for how a customer exercises his or her purchasing power. The only mantra we have to follow is to “spend wisely”. That means choosing what is worth buying and what isn’t. If money is tight for more than 95%  of a specific country, then you have 95% marketshare that is going to be cautious about what they buy. If you want that 95% marketshare, then you make a game that is 95% appealing. Sonic Boom isn’t even worth 5% of my time.

To be told to “wait until the game comes out” is confirmation that they do not care who they piss off. They’ll make the game the way they damn well please. That’s fine so as long as I am allowed to have no expectations of greatness for the game.

You know what’s really interesting? Even Namco has more consideration for their fans. When they were designing the Klonoa remake on Wii, they had a redesign that made Klonoa more um…

On the left was the intended redesign.

Yeah, it looked less rabbit and more feline. Rightly, people got pissed and Namco hurried along to change that right the fuck back to rabbit with a cap. Instead, we get a more enhanced design of the original.

Namco PERSONALLY POLLED their ENGLISH SPEAKING FANS on whether they liked the hip redesign. They said fuck no. So if a big “Japanese” company like Namco Bandai can spend time and money meeting Western fan demand knowing the game wasn’t gonna sell anyway, then why in the name of shitty western design can’t a couple of western “artists” from Playstation’s backdrop of their most overrated “platformers” acknowledge their own criticisms without resorting to some half-assed proclamation of “waiting to play the game”? Is that not backwards!? A WESTERN company refusing to cater to their WESTERN fans while a JAPANESE company caters to WESTERN fans!

I must be living in the goddamn twilight zone!