Why exactly would he advocate that Nintendo try to win back the hardcore? Wasn’t attempting to win their love the thing that got Nintendo into this jam in the first place?

It’s like the twilight zone where the more reasonable people around seem to be sippin on the industry koolaid.

Going after the hardcore should NOT be anyone’s priority in this economy. Hardcore demand Computer Centric bullshit which happens to be more expensive than Arcade Centric games. This… “Triple A” nonsense that’s becoming less profitable and more risky as the years go on. What the fuck does “Triple A” even mean?

Nintendo was better off making Wii Sports and shit that pissed off the hardcore and attracted REAL people to their console. Instead of doing that, lets take the hardcore advice and live up to the title of “most innovative” bastards in gaming and completely fuck up our chances of gaining any real respect anymore. You have to be a damn fool to suggest trying to win back the hardcore is anywhere near necessary.

I’ll take that bit about the Ipod into consideration, but what other markets would Nintendo be able to tap into? Home Appliances doesn’t seem rational. Maybe this is Iwata’s way of saying “we need other methods of making money in case the industry implodes (which it will)” . If so, then do w/e the fuck you can, but don’t leave your gaming division to a bunch of hardcore catering dipshits.