Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of confusion and disorientation regarding Sonic Boom……but rather the supposed “gimmicks” the games have had since Adventure. Everyone has come to a general consensus that because each and every “faction” of the fandom has demands that would otherwise…. piss off every other faction (detailed story, Sonic Only, even the fucking Chao Garden), this gives credence to the “fact” that you cannot please everyone.

Permit me to make a controversial statement, but this fact supposedly only applies to Sonic fans… and Pokemon fans. They’re both like cross breed high strung folks that go batshit crazy over every piece of news that comes out.

Maybe I’ve become disillusioned with this fandom and Sonic games in general, but at this point I am just sick and fucking tired of everyone being so diametrically opposed to allowing anyone else to have any kind of happiness in regards to this one video game franchise. You will never find another fanbase that is this dis-unified. Unless you wanna point to Twlight bitches. “JACOB! EDWARD” all dat nonsense

The biggest issue is that… everyone’s demands have been worked on in some way. And due to Sega never learning to stop being shit, all of everyone’s demands were never met. So people are coming to the conclusion that w/e ideas that were tried before have been proven flawed and must not be attempted ever again lest you desire failure above all else. Execution of any idea is never criticized. The idea alone is a failure because the game itself was a failure.

This train of thought shows that Sonic fans on a whole don’t really pay attention to the gaming environment to see exactly what is wrong with the franchise, why it’s not selling, and why it probably will never recover given these conditions, but damn if they lettin something like “story or 2D gameplay” get in the way of dictating what is and isn’t going to save the franchise.

At this point, we’ve covered several problems going on with Sonic.

1. It has become an irrelevant franchise as of 2008.
2. Obvious racism (Sega despises westerners which makes up Sonic’s majority audience)
3. Incompetent game designers.
4. Massive waves of lies about promises.
5. Pachinko companies ruin everything.
6. Needlemouse is not a favorite of Japan
7. No Yuji Naka = No chance of series having any respect
8. Italian sausage in exchange for advertising fucking Yoshi.
9. The wrong western devs.

W/E the case is, as long as Sonic remains in the hands of SegaSammy, there is absolutely nothing that will save the franchise. Despite all the analysis and internal searching for answers, we still have a majority group of people believing that scaling back on certain aspects will save the series. Sonic fans are simply not paying attention.

Course, it’s foolish of me to expect them to. No matter how many people scream in their face about what’s wrong with the series, everyone has their beliefs and will choose to fight if only to be proven right.

So lets say Sonic was given to a really competent company that was passionate about benefitting fans (and I can’t name anyone anymore seeing as BRB up and proved me wrong). This “miracle” worker was given the opportunity to save this franchise from Sammy’s cock. What would they have to do in order to salvage this thing?

An idea I had was have a game that did infact feature different kinds of gameplay modes, but instead, it would have this “revolutionary idea” of “player choice” in that you get to choose what game mode you play each stage in. Like say you wanted to play Zone 1: Act 1 with the Boost shit from Generations (and I suppose without the 2.5D crap), but the very next level, you’d have the option of playing Act 2 as a “Classic” level in 2D with all the newaunces of the Genesis/Advance/DS/PSN games. Act 3 could then be played of your choosing an “explore mode” where you basically have a kinda blending of Classic and Boosts modes, but you’re mostly looking around a 3D space trying…. to solve puzzles or w/e stupid shit the hardcore likes to do. And this would be of your own choosing. You could play the whole damn game in Classic form if you wanted to. Each mode would have their own perks for incentive to play them anyway, you could choose w/e character you damn well please, and that’s the fucking end of it. Everyone… would be happy.

Son… of… a… BITCH! I can’t get this damn song out of my head! If I catch that son of a bitch who played this at work…

I think… that alone would shut the whole damn fandom up…. for a few years. But that’s only the game flow being mitigated. Content, general gameplay, etc. I’d leave to someone else because everyone has their wild ass ideas about what Sonic should be. And ofcourse, you’ll get those asshole “realists” who’d go on about “Oh that’ll take up too many resources and Sega’s broke” cause I really give a damn about Sega’s bank account when they haven’t given me a damn good reason to care after the BS they’ve pulled with PSO2. And they shreddin cheese off that bitch too

But then you have people who feel that ANY of the above could or should not be in a Sonic game ever again. Either 3D is evil because 3D Sonic has had flaws or 2D Sonic is evil because it’s 2014, so even trying to please everyone would be….. pissing people off anyway. You followin me?

I don’t even want to touch the “Light and Dark” stuff anymore. At this point, I’m like…. as long as I enjoy it somewhat, I could care less. I just don’t want no childish bullshit like in the last 3 games (but we still gettin it).

But that’s aside the point. We’re dealing with a people that are high strung about saving the franchise, and not really concerned about their own tastes. So the mindset isn’t even on about “what they want”, it’s about “getting everything right”. When you’ve got a majority shooting down every idea in the book, it’s mostly a fear reaction as they believe the ideas would make the series worse (it’s already in worst phase). Meeting fan demand is not in their prerogative as Sonic fans have hoodwinked themselves that fan demand killed the franchise (again, Shadow the Hedgehog). It’s ironic in a sense as the fanbase is thinking in terms of audience expansion. Trying to find some way to make the series relevant again, revitalizing interest in it. I don’t think any other fandom even considers the relevancy of their favorite franchises. I’m certain Mega Man fans aren’t even aware of it.

On the other side, no one can come to a consensus on what should actually go into to making a good Sonic game because every idea has been tried so to speak, but since they don’t think about execution (or what actually appeals to people), there’s just rampant  in-fighting.

It’s not so much everyone is unappeasable, it’s simply that everyone is on edge and in the mindset that something has to change or else the series might be indefinitely killed off.

The ones that have stopped caring are probably the sane ones as trying to decipher what’s right or wrong for Sonic just causes a battle of egos where everyone butts heads anyway. The non-caring folks are all like “I’ll find w/e I can enjoy out of all this mediocrity”. Deep down, to me, we shouldn’t even be “trying” to have fun with these games, but more power to em. I’ve already stopped caring, and for some reason Black Knight is growing on me.

When people are in a state of “preservation”, there’s no such thing as meeting demands. One half would have demands, another would be having plans to salvage the franchise. The latter would unfortunately be the majority speaking, and that in itself is an issue. How far Sega has fucked up the series is unquestionable and undeniably simple to decipher.

Course, that said, the only thing Sega needs to do to please everyone in the fandom is to make a good game. I’ve played their shit aside from Sonic the hedgehog, I know damn well they are capable. The question is are they “willing“? Seeing as they’re letting someone else do all the work and repeating all the same problems of other developers, it’s easy to see they have no desire to work on Sonic.

So… Yes and No. Sonic fans are pleasible in that a good game would shut us all up, and no because Sega is not willing to make a good game. They just want to shut us up.

And now fur tits.

Because I could