As a person who has been an MMO addict in the past, I can tell you that publishers that practically force you into buying DLC by locking content behind a paywall is by all means a bullshit practice. Sure, I’ll buy the excuse that a free MMO needs some way to maintain revenue in order to keep the servers up and running (except Ntreev. They need to go broke.) but seeing how these Free 2 Play games created nothing more than marginalized class warfare where there is disunity amongst the player bases, it became apparent that DLC of any kind is destructive to any game.

With that, I swore off PC gaming as there’s just too much BS running around, what with rampant anti-piracy that makes it impossible for you to play a game if you have 2 goddamn CD roms, or you have to have some sort of Steam account, NProtect, then you need specific versions of Windows and ram and shit. Hop on the game box, you can play anything without too many hiccups (unless you’re playing on the Nintendo systems with Nintendo’s asinine requirements).

Going over to PS3 simply for fighting games has been more jarring, however. I didn’t think I was too accurate when I described the HD consoles going in the computer centric spectrum, not just for DLC, but for system updates (that seem more risky but you have to do them if you want to play new games), PSN basically being Steam lite or w/e, and having games being dependent on whether you have an internet connection to play. Exclusionary in that local multiplayer is literally shafted in favor of online (to the point that every fighting game keeps begging to connect before I can get passed the damn title screen). It’s a mess. And this is too.

My entire library of fighting games (with the exception of Virtua Fighter 5) has characters you have to pay for if you want to play them. SC4 has Yoda and DOA5U recently has pedobait Marie Rose for $5-6.  Those are the only ones that aren’t locked on the disc, btw. The idea that certain characters are stuck behind pay walls, while being on the damn disc, is jarring to any reasonable human being. You could have up to maybe 16 characters unlocked at the start, and if you want the last four, they cost $25 total. Some are a tad generous in that you could unlock some characters in game without needing cheese (with rather asinine unlock methods), but often times, you are not given a choice.

Case in point…

It’s a cross between MLP and Josie and the Pussycats?

This is a Blazblue character. No surprise as to why it’s ugly as hell. Get this, the sons of bitches at Aksys want you to pay 8 cocksmashing dollars for this one character. And this bitch is on the disc. Now, there’s 2 other characters on the disc, Kagura and Terumi. I was lucky enough that the morons at Gamestop gave me a pre-order copy without even knowing it or else I wouldn’t know how cheap he is.

Now, this company, the same people who made the awesome ass Guilty Gear games… want you to pay 8 bucks for some ugly ass shit like that? On the damn disc already?

Now of course, as I’ve said before, there have been a vast number of people that have come in defense of this issue being that Mononoke (or w/e the hell her name is) as being the most powerful character in the game. The fact that she’s “broken” justifies her price. Normally, unlocking a broken character would involve a very difficult trial in-game (like frustration suffering through Tower of Lost Souls or like yawning your way through CP’s tripe they call a story mode). So paying what appears to be a small fee seems like a nice perk. However, when you think about the fact that you have already paid for the entire game, being charged more for a product you own makes you feel cheated. It’s like a bag of chips you get out of a vending machine full price for what is a bag half empty. Except if you want more, you’d have to pay more.

Tecmo, despite their claims to the contrary, have made it a new business standard to charge you for more characters. Granted, idk any sick fuck outside of Japan stupid enough to buy this thing, this is still irksome.

Regardless of what form it is in, we have the same arguments crop up again and again.

1. People suggest that companies have to make money by locking you behind a paywall for bits of data that cost a mere fraction of the entire product.
2. That smaller ounces of data take lots of precious time and money which somehow takes priority over the whole damn game which cost a helluva lot more altogether.
3. That the people who “whine” have a false sense of entitlement even though these practices have never existed in the past, nor were they ever required to make a profit (Capcom was just greedy).
4. That you do not own the game you explicitly paid for and have no right to demand anything from how a company chooses to conduct business even though their business is to serve you.

Fighting games having characters behind paywalls is a practice too damn widespread for it’s own good. The fact that people are eager to defend these practices, even worse. Ever since Grand Chase, I’ve always been obsessed in trying to decipher why people are in love with corporate greed. Certainly, I’ve learned that it might be necessary for Free 2 Play games to go with these practices because how the fuck else are they gonna make that bread?

But for a game that costs me $60, there’s absolutely no excuse for this nonsense in my games. This is a practice that I feared would come to consoles knowing how they tear people apart and create pseudo-class warfare. How they create snobs out of everyone that adores corporate greed. Actually, corporate arrogance… no… corporate stupidity is the term I’m looking for. Those who wonder why it’s appropriate, consider the following.

Developers, in the past at least, used to go for the consoles that were cost efficient for their budgets. Whether it was the NES over… anything else at the time (not actually aware of the actual for NES games, sue me), Genesis over SNES and Neo Geo (for a time), Playstation 1 and 2, people back then had more sense to go for the cheapest and easiest consoles to develop for as they would be sure to never run out of money too quickly as well as the cheapest consoles usually having the larger install bases. The most powerful tend to lose out on support and consumer bases.


But then… the Wii happened and suddenly, developers stopped giving a damn about saving money, apparently. Now gaming was all about horse power.

It was hard to debate this seeing as DKC sold the damn SNES which kick-started (or continued) the whole “Hardware>>>>>>>Software” conundrum which lasted…. for ages, it seems. It was only intensified by the Wii in which Nintendo decided to opt out of the horsepower train of thought in order to produce more cost effective games. The rest of the industry did a complete 380 and said “we ain’t  diggin it”. It was essentially an outdated waste of shit to the industry. An archaic model of the times that refused to evolve when it was logical to improve the graphics power of the console to compete.

I think restating it’s unprecedented success would be digging the horse out of the grave and fucking it on public display. There’s several reasons as to why no one wanted to support the Wii. Their philosophy of better graphics and hardware meaning better games (which I believe has been thoroughly proven bullshit given the tremendous amount of salty ass people running amok online) and then it would be their personal feelings on Nintendo themselves as people simply do not like working with this company.

Which brings up the question of why they were so eager to pass up on the PSP in favor of the DS, and then again with the 3DS even though everyone, even the Sega brown noses themselves, had doubts about it’s viability. If not the consoles, everyone jumps on board for the handhelds. The DS being less powerful than the PSP with considerably less features should’ve prompted a rejection of the DS altogether. And yet, here it is standing tall as one of the most supported devices of the generation. Nintendo struggles to get support on everything that isn’t a handheld device, why? Who knows? Could be the tradition of Nintendo handhelds being juggernauts. Could be the non-existent budgets. Could be the lack of political nonsense as no one cares about handhelds like that care. But either way, Nintendo manages to get support in the handheld realm indefinitely regardless of hardware power or features. And PSP being a defective piece of shit didn’t help.

Then again, 360 is a defective piece of shit, and it’s probably the most supported device from last generation. I’m trying to understand the logic behind why people are shy around supporting Nintendo consoles while they give free hand jobs to their handhelds. Ok, track records of bad Nintendo console performance has something to do with it. But when the Wii is proven as a viable device, people still refused to get on board, which is in contrast to how the NES went. When people knew it was unstoppable, everyone got on-board. Instead, excuses were made to cover their asses. It’s as though people were afraid of being wrong so they kept avoiding the console. At this point, there was no excuse to not develop for the Wii. Yes, Nintendo is unbearable to work with (unless you’re Japanese), but seeing how publishers have acted in the past and present, perhaps a little discipline was in order. Cause damn sure, I wouldn’t want to be called a “sheep” because I don’t approve of a company’s direction.

But then… the economy farted. So things that were already expensive started getting even more expensive. The Pubs… still didn’t get on board. Naw, they plowed on with the HD beasts regardless of the fact that less people were buying them and less people could afford them. Still didn’t give a damn. But at budgets exceeding 20 million, these folks were losing money fast. The best they could was make severe cut backs on their games, but they needed a way to compensate for losses. The prospects of DLC became much more attractive. DLC becomes much more prominent in gaming as a result. Cause I’m playing some of the older 07 “Spiderman font” games and I don’t see as much of this bullshit as I do in recent “crappy font” games. They ramped this shit up in response to massive losses. More companies started going red bust.

Wii? Nah, fuck the Wii. It’s a fad!

……..So now the Wii is dead… and there is no longer a cheaper method. Every console is HD, and the budgets will remain this bloated. People are still predicting Capcom’s downfall considering their 157 mil in the bank still going around. Everyone talks about going digital as there won’t be a physical medium to jack up their prices (or… something. Hell if I know). But the industry pubs call it some sort of victory that everything is HD, but now it seems everyone is trying to go mobile (or think that by blaming it will remove the dirt people have on them).

The conclusion I have come to is that these assholes had their chances to save money and still profit. They said “fuck that, it’s HD time!”. And now most of them are paying the price. They said no to cheaper models. People threatened to quit if they had to make games for Wii. The pubs actively rejected the then “correct path” of gaming out of vanity and differing philosophy. And yet I am expected, in the deepest parts of my insanity, to accept that DLC, a tool of perks that is now used to sell essential partitions of a game that is, most of the time, on the damn disc, as a legitimate form of revenue generation when they themselves could’ve avoid their money hemorrhaging pitfalls?

You have to be literally… out of your goddamned mind. You have to be crazy to accept this as legitimate. It has come about as a desperate attempt to steal your money from right under your nose. Everyone is aware of this, even the hardcore themselves. And yet, instead of sending “I told you so’s”, they send them their pity. In some foolish attempt to salvage a corporation, they give them money anyway. For all that people are not entitled to, we often forget that a game company is not entitled to our money. Instead, they turn their sermons to us, the customers, and preach about who in the hell has the right to entitlement. If a company is designed to serve you in order to get profit, then you are entitled to good customer service if you damn well want to contribute to their profit. Locking content on the disc and dictating that you pay for it is not customer service. It is at best a ransom.

To be accepting of this logic is to be maladjusted. It is to be crazy. Or possibly being a pants shitting retard. W/e the case may be, their logic is misplaced against the masses which does nothing more than enable corporations to completely vanquish the notion of ownership. To have video games tied to a digital space of pay walls with keys being cheddar is to revoke ownership of your purchases and have it completely tied to the people who sold it to you in the first place. Making money of the very same copy you sold seems like a good business tactic if you’re a notoriously duplicitous shit bird. But in the shoes of the consumer, logically, you would see this as rather underhanded.

This is the problem, however. The hardcore for some odd reason see themselves differently from consumers. They are the ALPHA Gamer! They know better than anyone that companies need money to funnel into newer projects. But if they go under, then our favorite franchises go with them (unless they’re Midway. Mortal Kombat lives the fuck on! And Bomberman! And Crash Bandicoot… I guess…. and Sly Cooper? Cause you know, franchises that exist under an existing company have no chance of dying out. Right Darkstalkers? Final Fight? Mega… Man? Streets of Rage? ….Custom Robo? Star Fox?… anyone?) This is the retardation aspect. Hardcore types don’t bother with history. Why, the past is just some alternate dimension where shit happened that affects nothing I do today!

There is a reason why HD gaming is so specifically geared toward the Hardcore audience. They’re retarded enough to accept these practices as legitimate. You see, the basis of all capitalism is exploitation. You have Cartoon Network wanting to exploit little boys in order to sell toys because well… they’re that dumb and hyper active? Koreans exploit African women’s desire to get good hair all the damn time. Not to mention they even make fun of this fact in their Korean magazines.

Developers depend greatly on the retardation of the Hardcore, who cannot see beyond their own egos and vanities to realize the game that is being played with them. They depend on these retards to enable them and stifle criticism over the internet for these practices. After all, the Hardcore don’t see themselves as regular consumers, so they do not see what the consumer sees as wrong or unethical. Instead, whatever is good for the corporation is by default, good for them.

Of course, this is intensified by the fact that the hardcore are completely maladjusted. Normally, nerds aren’t able to cope with other people, so they tend to go into a state of social isolation. Being that, they come off like Tarzan in the big city. They act like animals without realizing their surroundings. They aren’t adjusted to their environment and thus become ostracized. Isolating yourself from other people tends to separate your consensus from the other people, thus becoming maladjusted. To be an unhealthy person, so to speak.

Unhealthy people are much more prone to the misspending of  their wealth. As gamers tend to spend their money to relieve pain or get over some inferiority. Gaming has become a hobby of comfort to the Hardcore. Thus it becomes a crutch that they need to get through the day. It’s a “coping device”. 😛

Unhealthy people could be considered anything these days. Whether they be retarded or social misfits, it matters not. Anyone in any kind of disposition that creates a sense of anxiety for them is nothing more than an opportunity for the corporation. The unhealth and wealth of an individual benefits the health and wealth of another. Or to put it in other terms, the unhealth of a drug addict benefits the health and wealth of the drug dealer. And when you have this kind of dependency where the addict feels that he or she “needs” the dealer’s drugs, they come to admire the dealer and give more respect to them than anyone else even if the dealer gives not one ounce of a fuck about them. What some would say “To love the Abuser”. And gamers and consumers are abused in way of these practices being bluntly and unashamedly designed with the goal of generating revenue above all else. It’s become so obvious, the so-called “Illuminati” would piss themselves in how “in your face” these practices have become.

So the defenses that these hardcore folks throw up in the faces of the consumer has become common ground as many gamers are maladjusted. Mostly because they are infact retarded people with no concept of priorities.

If anything, the FGC seems to be the most retarded of them all. Those assholes seem to dickride everything FG devs do with their. Even Capcom’s controversial SFxT DLC gets it’s defenders. I can’t wait for special moves to become purchasable DLC items. People would start coming up with shit like “well, don’t you take martial arts classes? Don’t they cost money too!?”. I bet you anything, as socially inept as the hardcore are, that’s the kind of shit you would hear.