Nintendo faces “crucial challenge

Jimmie fuckin crickets… 60+ billion Yen total loss !?

Just what in the hell is Nintendo doin to incure 3 years of profit loss of this magnitude? I mean… it would be “common sense” considering how badly the Pii U is still doing, but you’d think they’d find some way to make a profit. The trump card of the Nintard defense force arguments is mentioning that Nintendo always made a profit off of shit that doesn’t, but here? This is just…. I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Iwata is in the hot seat this year. Not only can we expect several apologies for consistent fuck ups, but more questions might arise about his resignation. Nintendo’s already in the business of discussing possible mergers and acquisitions (Sega possibly not being an option at this point), but they need to start thinking about selling products without losses. If they’re cutting corners and offering customers a cheaper 3DS, they desperately need to cut back some shit on Pii U.

What they need to do is focus on making shit people actually want, and stop coddling those asshole developers who refuse to serve their damn customers! Iwata needs to grow a set of mother fucking testicles, put his foot down, and show some authority or else his ass is getting booted. Everyone is literally anticipating this event.