It’s promoted alongside that goddamn Skyward Sword.

I’ve nothing to really say. My feelings for Nintendo DLC being in a Sonic game (or any game these days) is rather crude and obnoxious and makes no goddamn sense as far as I’m concerned, the game sure as hell didn’t sell for anyone to give a damn about it’s contents.

I’m most certain that anyone reading creams their pants at the thought of me admitting that this looks better than the Yoshi DLC so hell with it. It infact DOES. Not because there’s more effort put into it, mind you. It’s that content of Yoshi games do not fit the criteria of coolness and looks like shit no matter the format you put the game in. Zelda, in comparison, looks like a bucket of roses, but the inclusion of references to Skyward Sword offends me like no tomorrow. That game was absolutely horrid and is a prime example of why Nintendo needs new blood and to wash away the old farts who cling to bad games because of their own personal vendettas. Why in Mary Fuck wouldn’t you use something like Twilight Princess as an aesthetic template!? That game NEARLY saved the damn Zelda franchise from becoming irrelevant due to Aonuma’s surprising ability to reproduce, nevertheless find someone that thinks him attractive. I see the standards are low in Japan that making wooden dolls causes women to grow moist.

While it certainly looks better, Sonic couldn’t look anymore out of place. The inclusion of the tunic costume is…. honestly, I can’t even complain that much anymore. Big Red Button is doing much worse in the design department that it actually looks stupid enough to be funny. Still, wearing the garb of your enemy is always a red flag, but people seem to care less about this DLC than the Yoshi one. I think BK had something to do with it.

Still…. Skyward fucking Sword…. ugh. If there was a Star Fox DLC, I’ll bet yah NO ONE would have a problem with it.