Well, dammit.

Seems like the only Castlevanias we’ll be getting are the asstripe LOTR fanboy fantasies filled with orcs and werewolves and less unique monsters like venusweed.

i’ll give IGA this. Even though the series was turned into an RPG Metroidvania, the games enhanced Castlevania’s world. It felt unique with it’s gothic, dark fantasy setting in comparison to…. any other dark fantasy kind of game. There was something about IGA’s CV titles that always drew me back into them. The giant sprawling castles with demonic forces with Count Dracula at the helm, the good ass music and remixes…. Castlevania was simply the tits with him around.

Sure, the games haven’t sold gangbusters like LOS did, and they’re piss easy, but IGA knew how to make a fun game. He knew how to take a concept from Nintendo and actually make it enjoyable instead of running it into the ground like so many developers do. Honestly speaking, his CV titles were more like Metroid than Super Metroid was. Not feeling pressured into needing to find specific powers(keys) just to progress by running into a million dead ends where you are told that you need something to progress before heading in, and if I’m being honest, the CV series has had some of the most enjoyable boss fights I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in for any game. I hated the RPG elements, but the games seemed to forget that they were there as leveling up seemed to only help in doing more damage rather than being a necessity.

Yeah, the guy dick rides Castlevania 3 for all it’s worth and completely undermined the value of the Belmont legacy by making it so ANYONE could just kill Dracula, one has to admit that the series had plenty more entertainment value than it ever did by using the stiff ass controls of the first five games.

Oh well, I wish him lucks on his personal studio, but he’s gonna be off the radar like Inafune and Mikami. Japanese indies from big companies become irrelevant when they leave.