All deez contradictions, mang.

This might as well be a requested post, but what evs. My interest in Sonic Boom is on the same level of interest I have in Smash 4. Which I suppose is intentional, merchandise driven and all. What I can’t stand is how these interviews seem to be filled with ineffective PR wizardry. Since someone else already pointed out the blatant hypocracy, me doing the same thing would be quite redundant. I mean…. what the hell else could you rip apart from this thing?

When working with a franchise with a passionate core fan base and a long history, how do you approach it?
BR: With respect and reverence. It would be irresponsible of us to be self-indulgent with our creative choices without conscious reflection on canon and what loyal fans expect.

This is bullshit considering his previous interview where he did not take in consideration of how fans would react to uglier redesigns.

Just say it mother fucker.

Beyond that is the same old tripe that usually makes my piss boil. The whole tripe about an accurate spirit of Sonic shows they have no real idea of what the hell Sonic is while putting the series in the same universe as Jak and Daxter. The shit about not allowing external forces influence their decisions (which means excluding fan input and further shows these developers are in the interest of their own creativity rather than the satisfaction of the audience because… that’s what all the shitty developers do these days). But really, the whole thing can be summed up as this.

You could read the entire interview and get the gist of it just from the fact that he wants the game to be “accessible”. Cause you know, the main game is just an “excuse plot” in itself. Why, people play games for the stuff that comes AFTER the 6-20 hours of game time you put into it (I’m looking at you Nintendo franchises/RPGs like Monster Hunter and Borderlands 2). Why? Probably some preconceived notion that children are pants shitting retards that can’t do basic shit in a video game.

And ages 9-11 know damn well how to play video games. I don’t know what kind of shit bird would think kids in that age range have some sort of disability that prevents them from playing games well enough to get far into them without being coddled. Cause that’s what “accessibility” is really for. To make things work for people with disabilities. The only disability that a child would have in playing a game is being more skillful than an adult. That type of thinking is either steeped in overbearing parental instincts or being an arrogant dick. You can’t sit around and suggest that you know kids will only have fun with a game when they actually beat it. That’s not fun factor, that’s basically passing them on to the next grade level because you really don’t give a shit.

I don’t know if it was Sandy Hook or what not, but I’m sick and tired of grown mother fuckers thinking that children have to be so damn sheltered that they atrophy the challenge factor in video games just so they can feel good about themselves.

If Sonic Boom is intended for children (which is obvious considering all the wild fucking changes that took place) then fine. Let that shit be for the kids. The thing I’m pissed about is that this asshole is trying to convince my black ass that this is “in the same spirit as Sonic the Hedgehog”. I know what the hell I grew up with, and dis is looking unfamiliar right now. All this talk about trying to appeal to all audiences has been a failed mission as soon as they touched the character designs. This ain’t like Bayformers, you’re dealing with a franchise that has been mishandled for an entire decade, and it’s not even that old. It’s considered dead before it hits 30, and your response is “think of the children”. That’s been Sega’s mantra since 2009 when people rejected the Werehog, and the only reason they bothered was because “kids are easier to please.” That’s a defeatist attitude and no one appreciates it. At this point, Generations and Sonic 4 should be considered  send offs for older fans.

Aside from the poor little fucks that will feel game designers think they’re idiots, this guy really doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about half the time.

Character action games like this used to be a much bigger part of the console landscape, and now they’ve shrunk in relevance. That’s a big part of your background, though. Can you talk about why they remain vital?

BR: Well, I would reframe it; other genres have risen in an ever growing market. Games are and will be the primary entertainment medium today and tomorrow. It’s still an incredibly young medium. As the medium was developing, traditional platformers were the norm given tech, visual fidelity and game design reasons. Gamer demographics continue to age so in response mainstream games have gotten more sophisticated and mature in their content.

Traditional platformers STOPPED BEING FUCKING MADE! Instead, it’s been this whole crapfest of fetch quests and puzzles (like your ever precious Jak and Daxter series) and mission based nonsense that has made the “platformer” genre completely irrelevant to people. OTHER GENRES did not completely redefine their experiences and maintained a level of familiarity with their beginnings. As I’ve said about First Person Shooters, other genres have remained fun in some regard (even RPGs are more fun since many are ditching that asshole turn-based nonsense). Platformers were turned upside down on their heads in favor of showing off 3D environments while sending players on boring ass errands just to complete the game.

Other genres haven’t gotten better, it’s because pisswad developers (like yo ass) have nearly destroyed the platformer genre! And no, using Mario Galazy’s sales numbers proves nothing of the opposite. Mario is going to sell no matter…. Oh right, 3D world….

However, older gamers are now having kids, and like me, outside of playing shooters or other genres, they want to have a shared gaming experience with their kids and families. Ask Disney about how irrelevant this market is.

I think I should. I would LOVE to know how a movie studio would know how the video game market acts on occassion. Disney’s films can get away with “family films” because television media is actually usable. Video games aren’t in the same category as movies.  Parent’s buy games so they can get their kids off their backs. That’s just how fucked up our culture is. Why? It’s because time is not free for adults.

Where did anyone get the idea that adults grow moist at the thought of playing video games with their kids? It sounds completely unrealistic, and before anyone goes on giving me a few examples of their own personal lives because… you know, the world revolves around themselves, wouldn’t it be more logical for adults to want their kids to spend their time with more… “active” activities? Like… reading books or playing football? Going to the park or playing sports. Cause GOOD or RATIONAL parents wouldn’t think about video games as the be all family activity to have with the kids. They’re more likely to play a board game or a pack of UNO cards than a video game. You know why? All those activities aren’t junk entertainment, and if anything creates a much better bond with family members rather than a game.

Without great gameplay everything else is irrelevant, so this remains paramount. Outside of this, to stand out in a very competitive market it has to match proper production values in story, visuals, animation, and spectacle moments. Also, games are no longer insular experiences so when aspiring to gather larger audience we need to consider other features like co-op, or multiplayer, or cross media tie-in such as TV, toys or mobile. I personally think game accessibility is also very important. It’s a tough balance, but gamers today don’t have time or patience to constantly try and die.

Now here’s the real bullshit that breaks the camel’s back. First off, BAD gameplay can still entice people (look at Street Fighter 4 and Injustice). It depends on FUN FACTOR. Bad gameplay is not enough to deter people from enjoying a game. If the experience is not fun or stimulating in any circumstance, then the game has failed. I think it’s safe to say that despite NOT selling, Unleashed and Generations both have shit gameplay, but are quite fuckin awesome in most regards! The notion that “great gameplay” sells

Secondly, you do not need cross-media to get people to your product. You just need cheaper prices. :P. MK9 didn’t have anything more than promotions an marketing. It’s a fuckload of awesome and people dig it like no other. Because Mortal Kombat was down on it’s luck, man. All a game needs is good content and fun factor to really sell. If you think you need toys, TV or any other bullshit to sell your product, it shows your lack of confidence. You’re really spending more money than you need to just to make a fantastic game.

Lastly, the accessibility claim is only true for adults. But Sonic Boom is CLEARLY made for children. Young people have all the time in the world to waste. It’s a misplaced claim to group all demographics into one can and declare it truth.

Who is the audience for this game, and how does that affect the direction you take it?
BR: Kids 6-11

Oh! There it is folks! End of the fucking discussion.

Yes, it’s taken out of context, but if you notice, he gave specific ages for children and none for older audiences. Adults really aren’t gonna be attracted to a game where the characters lack familiarity. People who grew up with or without Sonic will not be attracted to it. Certain images sit well with people when they first experience them. I use the analogy of women changing their hair and men getting butthurt about it because the man saw the woman with this hairstyle and got sprung. Or better yet, how sometimes a baby might recognize it’s mother a certain way, but if she changes her appearance (like wearing a scarf around the head), the baby might be reluctant to go near her unless she takes the cap off. Or if a father shaves and the baby ain’t goin near the main.

People are attracted to what they know best. Familiarity and comfort is the name of the entertainment game. “Seasoned gamers” are not going to want to play this because this does not look like Sonic. What people have been hoping for a long time is that this game is not a reboot of the whole franchise. Why? Because it doesn’t look familiar to them. They look fucking bizarre, and the world doesn’t scream “Sonic”. When people looked at how Sonic Lost Mind flowed, people were shocked and appalled! Same with Shadow the Hedgehog. That isn’t the shit people enjoyed! That’s getting flipped off in favor of the creator’s expression.

If at some point in development that they do infact reverse character designs back to ones that we actually like, then we can safely say they have the fan’s best interests in mind. It’s more likely since Western developers happen to be just a bit more rational than Japanese developers these days, but Bob’s comments don’t warrant any confidence in that happening.

We developed common pickup and play controls for seamless play experience no matter which character is selected.

Can I ask a question? Since when has a Sonic game NOT been pickup and play? Even Sonic Unleashed is easy to pick up and play.

Skimming through more chest humping and questions about development processes nobody gives a rats ass about. Oh damn, that’s it. What I like most is how the commentators on the same page even think it’s full of shit.

I kinda feel sorry for that one facebook commentator that got ripped to shreds over analyzing the same article here. I mean, there’s nothing in this entire interview that drives optimism or interest in the game. And most of it is contradictory nonsense that shows BRB is just as fucked up as Ninja Theory (why people have faith in a company that has no proven success in game development beyond a couple of artists is anyone’s guess). You cannot say you are making a game for both old and new fans and have ZERO CONTENT that appeals to old fans. It does not work. If the goal is audience expansion, then it NEEDS to be audience expansion, not audience substitution, which is what is really happening. Failure to understand this shows a lack of integrity on your part as a fan and as a customer.

Pointing out the bullshit in an interview shouldn’t be treated as some “player hater” message. It’s not irrational to want consistency in the claims of the developers who swear up and down that they have the fan’s best interests in mind. We would see that by now. Everything sounded good until more information popped up and already, hopes are being dashed. Those that are still optimistic either don’t care and look forward to the game anyway or they’re not paying attention. I don’t have a problem with the former, good for fucking you, but Sonic fans continue to be a laughing stock because they have no desire to listen to people. Particularly those that are critical of the games because criticism is lumped into a “negativity” pool. Some category that somehow discredits any criticism based on how “negative” it seems. Pokemon fans have nothing on how childish Sonic fans are…. I think.

(might have to take that one cat’s word on artist=/=designer into account). And yes, I am spying on ya’ll mother fuckahs. You already got the FBI on yo asses. 😛