And we’re supposed to be convinced that she’s legal?

Marie Rose, a new character supposed to be arriving on March 25th. Oh joyous day! Now I can be marked as a future pedophile for the CIA!

I’m aware that the Dead or Alive series is marketed towards perverts almost exclusively (get a load of that new trailer for DLC costumes), but this is going into potentially dangerous territory. This girl looks 14, and is going to make enjoying this game rather difficult.

Gym uniform. Not a good sign if one knew how fetishized that attire is.

…..Oh lawd…

The Japanese tend to be very liberal in their sexuality, but I’ve always been disturbed by their porn. “Lolis” tend to be extremely popular for reasons I wish to never know, and I could’ve sworn I’ve seen one of their cartoons with 3 14 year olds doing an Arabian belly dance routine. DOA spares no expense on living up to men’s sexual fantasies, but for fuck’s sake, would it kill them to restrain from putting “children” in these games?

You gotta love how desperate this character is, though. Her profile lists her as 18 years old, yet gives off the appearance of a pre-teen. Supposing this is some attempt to “get crap passed the radar” and sell people soft core child pornography.

Alright, before some hyper-sensitive jackass comes in here with their facts of how “some 18 year old girls can actually look like this”, what is the main selling factor of Dead or Alive? If you do not know, consider yourself lucky. Visual (Sex) appeal has been the main reason people get into this series in the first place. The most memorable feature of the original games was the “breast bounce” feature. The advertisement for the third game was *creepy guy “she kicks high” giggles*. Then that commercial with the group of perverts playing DOAX, probably the best mother fucking commercial ever aired on American tv! I question to this very day how Tecmo got away with that shit.

All of the women in DOA games were crafted to be tantalizing to men. It’s the epitome of selling sex. The games provide modes dedicated to voyeurism. Everyone knows this. No one has to spell it out for you. Trying to convince people that anyone plays for gameplay is not only futile, but foolish.

That said, what in the fuck is anyone supposed to expect from Marie Rose? I’ve always figured that DOA was Itagaki’s fucked up interpretation of Japanese Michael Bay Martial Arts films with high jump kicks and Silicone induced Power Blows. Now we got some fool putting lolis in the damn game. Her appearance was deliberately designed to be childlike, in stature and mannerisms.  She’s already got the gym uniform, and some strange maid’s bathing suit, and the gothic lolita theme going on. All the fucked up implications that could come from this character alone. At this point, they’re taking the “sex sells” factor too far. I mean, they already ruined their image with the first volleyball game they made, but this is crazy. Breaking up the monotony of having nothing but the personification of blow up dolls as new characters is refreshing, fine. But since this new bitch isn’t anything beyond what we’ve already seen besides a tinier frame makes no difference other than who she’s supposed to appeal to.

Things like this make me wish that anti-loli bill got passed back in 2010.