I sound like a fortune cookie, but I don’t taste like one”!?

Dammit… dat dialogue. They….. FUCK! Were they inspired by Brick from Borderlands 2 to make Knuckles a …a ….a dudebro!?

Ok… so… the tv show really is gonna be awful if that’s the kind of dialogue they’re going to be using.

As for the game, they showed off some better looking environments. I kinda like those sky ruins or what not. They look similar to the Panzer Dragoon course from Transformed. There was also this one piece of art where Sonic is running to this shrine in what looks like a scene from that Hercules movie from Disney.

The whole… interview still doesn’t make the game seem worth while, though. I don’t know what to make of the whole “Sonic Boom is a story-based game” comment, but seeing how most AAA titles are made where characters yammer on about shit we don’t care about while pretending to be a game (like TLOU), that could be bad news. They talk about surprises in speed based segments, but they never really elaborate on those parts. They elaborate more about teamwork being important, but they never explain how the game is going to play.

And again with how characters are portrayed, it feels like last year when everyone was going bonkers over how Sonic and Robotnik would team up “for the first time!”. They make it sound as though they are doing something groundbreaking with how the characters will interact with each other. Tails telling Sonic that he’s wrong is nothing new. Did they miss the boat on Lost Mind where he gets pissy on Sonic for seemingly no reason? Or Colors where Tails one ups Sonic on how useless he’d be without him?

Eh, they probably didn’t play that shit. And I couldn’t blame em. My stance on their reasoning behind altering the character’s appearance still stands. Redesigning them to basically reinforce already existing character traits that’s been around for 20+ years is too little too late, not to mention unnecessary. The fact that Knuckles talks like an unfunny jock is infuriating to the core. “My cream will get splattered all over the place! I’m in!”? Not to mention a little homo.

Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t a raving Knuckles fanboy. This damn thing is pissing me off.