Honestly speaking, I’m not even angry about this. More so amused. Maybe Sega will go for edutainment next and team up with Leapfrog! Then Tom Kalinske can once again SAVE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! BWAHAHAHAHAH……. cough.
For all we know, they’re just going to be making the toys, and probably won’t market them to babies. Sega couldn’t be THAT stupid, and if the Americans are getting more control (my ass), I doubt they would want to market Sonic toward babies either. Unless there are soccer moms involved.
On the other hand, this could be Sega going psychotic in their attempts to push for a new audience. As the Japanese are very anal in shifting through demographics as fast as humanly possible (See the  Pokemon Company), Sega is probably going overboard in trying to appeal to a completely new audience. IE “get em while they’re young”.  Course, this is assuming they’re intelligent enough to pull something like that off.

It reminds me of this one video…

This would explain why Cartoon Network is a decaying relic of old. Teen Titans Go!? Who in the fresh hell thought it was a good idea to take… what was already a dumbed down version of the comics… into that shit!? I thought Batman the Brave and the Bold was bad enough! Damn man, what to Samurai Jack!? Courage the Cowardly Dog!? Swat Cats!? Hell, even the “Real adventures of Johnny Quest” was more awesome than the current crap fest going on Cartoon Network. Oh, I’m rambling again.

As for the recent news on the game, it really tells us nothing of importance or interest.
So the budget is 20 million. Why do we care how much it costs to develop the game again? It’s not an indication of quality. What was the budget for Angry Birds? Minecraft? NSMBW? Candy Crush? Success hasn’t been determined by the amount of capital that is spent on the product (less we’re talking marketing, but even that has it’s limits).
No Chaos Emeralds. After 3 main games where the emeralds were not the central focus of the plot, it’s not a big deal either. It’s been pretty refreshing for the last 4 years, as well. People simply care about having a decent plot regardless of what’s involved. The news about the details going into the game seem like “too much info”. Budget info and plot devices aren’t things people really care about. Sure, gamers are always starved for information, but there is such a thing as TMI. People want details of what the game is going to be about and how the game will play. Shit like budgets and what is NOT going into the game is not useful or favorable info.
No Online. Of all the things I couldn’t give 2 shits about, people are pissed about the lack of online. Personally, I’ve never seen online features as a matter of a game’s success, but rather a preference of the nerds. I doubt Sonic could ever succeed now even if it was added in the first place.

The crappy show will be episodic. When does one run out of fucks to give?

I didn’t really catch up on anything of worth in regards to Sonic Boom, did I? I suppose we’ll have to wait a good month or 2 to get any real news. As of now, all we have are petty details no one asked for. I just can’t help but shake the feeling that Sega’s move to make a westernized Sonic… by giving it to someone else stems from their inherent racism rather than good intentions. Sega doesn’t bother trying to appeal to western tastes as it is, so letting someone else do the work for them seems rather underhanded. But I suppose I can’t complain much.

The only problem is that the people they handed the torch over seems to think Sonic is about “Joyous movement”. It’s a statement that bothers me greatly. When I hear Joyous Movement, I picture Kirby dancing to his stage complete theme. Not Sonic and the gang kicking some ass.

It’s similar to Sakamoto saying Metroid is about motherhood, or Tameem declaring what is or isn’t cool about Dante. There’s a different philosophy running around in the development studio that is in complete contradiction/opposition to the fan’s idea of what makes the series appealing to them. You needn’t look any further than the explanation of why they altered Knuckles’s appearance. Did anyone care about the logic behind Knuckles’s strength not matching his looks? Sonic’s world is already illogical and nonsensical. Yet people found Sonic interesting regardless. There has been fiction which characters had super strength regardless of their appearances, and people accepted them. Pokemon being one. Power Puff Girls being another.
Hell, if you’re gonna ignore the issue of Sonic not being electrocuted or burned by some energy whip from Tails, you might as well leave the character designs alone.