Their DLC scams are actually working!

Well poop. I suppose all that arrogance I had about people rejecting their DC mess after SFxT comes back to bite me on the arse. Though I doubt Ace Attorney made any real headway, but Ducktales. Mmm… probably. Monster Hunter was obviously going to sell in Japan. On the other hand, retail Crapcom games are blunders everywhere else. Which is kinda expected considering how much they pissed everyone off last year with titles like DmC and the like.

This begs the question of whether they’re going to go fully digital and assume that retail copies of games are obsolete. It’s concerning. Afterall, whatever standard Capcom goes, the industry ominously follows. Would we really get re-releases of fighting games a few months apart from each other if Capcom didn’t get away with it? We’d still be getting DLC packs with new characters. But here we get MK9Komplete, DOA5u, and then Injustice GOTY edition or w/e. And they just included all the paid DLC for free anyway with the inclusion of some new content (DOA speaking). At the same time, Namco is going the Free 2 Pay route with Tekken and Soul Calibur seeing as they both bombed at retail. And apparently, they’re gaining momentum.

The BS4 and the Xbone were both almost going to be fully digital machines, DRM and all. Seeing Crapcom having more success in the digital realm rather than retail would’ve sent signals to these console manufacturers that “retail is dead”. And this is really where the Industry wishes to go. Here comes Crapcom as the leading example (again) to follow.

How much you wanna bet we won’t get a REAL Mega Man still?