From a Vrael:

The redesign is something that should bother everybody, especially those who claim not to be bothered at all.
In one interview, they said that they were talking and deciding long hours about it and that they didn’t make those changes for the sake of change. But actually, making changes for the sake of change would be actually a relief. What they actually said by this is that they really intend to change Sonic.

I watched that interview where they went on to explain why they fucked up Knuckles. I have never heard a more asshole explanation as to why they redesigned a character. It doesn’t even feel like an authentic explanation. It’s usually the Japanese that worry about such pointless details such as “looking powerful”. It’s over-analytical and seeks to fix something that isn’t broken. Kids don’t think about logical fallacies of something that is remotely “cool” to them. No one does. If you are entertained by something, your brain is naturally turned off. You don’t think about what you enjoy because your mind is at ease. This change in aesthetic is nothing more than their own personal desires if that “Sonic’s scarf inspired by Nathan Drake” is anything to go by. Or that “Amy is awesome!” remark which is more worrisome as no one likes a Mary Sue, and she will become an author’s pet given that expository praise of her “grace”.

Changing Sonic isn’t a bad thing at this point considering the streams of mediocrity he’s been in since 06, but these redesigns will be detrimental. Maybe not to the television series, but primarily for the games.

Sonic never went through this drastic redesign in the past. Yet his personality and his appeal in the Adventure Era never failed to take effect. I don’t know if people complained about Sonic’s weird boots in SA2 or his wrist thingies… But those were just accessories that were supposed to serve some arguably practical purpose (boots for grinding etc…) – and NOT to sell Sonic’s personality.

Exactly. The design was more to update an old look rather than drastically alter his appearance. A character design is first and foremost done to make sure it is visually appealing to it’s audiences. Or it should be. Altering appearances to match with powers and personalities is not a requirement.  After 20 years, this is excessive and forced. But hey, if they’re going for that, then Rouge better have the biggest titties and ass ever because her personality is based around sex appeal! Shit, I’ll forgive that oversight overnight!

I don’t think anyone complained about Sonic’s shoes either. But accessories rarely ever get any attention. Captain America’s wings dissappeared from his head, but no one complained as they were just a small aspect of his character (they acted as weapons, I believe, he could take them off and snag people with them, like shurikens). It doesn’t become a problem unless the change is drastic. Everyone’s shoes were altered for Sonic Riders and no one batted an eye because they still looked like normal shoes (or in the case of Shadow, looked a helluva lot cooler). Now we can’t even see the fuckin shoes, the designers were so busy mummifying his ass to look “adventurous!” It’s over exaggerating to the core.

Sonic’s personality was already sold ages ago by his original design. Never before they felt the need to redesign him to feel more adventurous. And he still was. Do you think someone FORCED them to redesign Sonic? Because if not, their statements would not make sense. They didn’t need to discuss hours and hours in search of Sonic’s new design. There wasn’t supposed to be any. They were just supposed to make the design which already worked. I never heard complaints like: “Sonic doesn’t wear a scarf” or “Knuckles is too small for being strong”. It makes no sense.

Sonic’s personality is displayed by character behaviors. Certain actions and mannerisms like speech. Sonic’s waiting animation in which he is expecting the player to move his ass is a sign that Sonic is impatient, and is further elaborated on by Sonic CD and the continue screen in Sonic 2 where Tails is annoying him to get off his ass and Sonic is all like “bitch, press start!”. Then you have the tv shows which basically defined Sonic’s personality as a cocky teenager who digs chicks and chili dogs.

It makes no sense because there is no sense to be made. You cannot display a character’s abilities or personality via character design because that goes against the laws of nature. Both Tails and Robotnik are geniuses, but one is a maniac who thirsts for world domination because he’s an arrogant fat fuck who thinks all of existence is a tribute to be laid at his feet. On the other hand, Tails is also smart, but he’s much more passive and more likely to befriend people. He’s also insecure about his own talents (or used to). Then he’s on a period.

Sonic and Shadow both have Super Speed, but one is a guy who “loves adventure” while Shadow is a homicidal maniac who doesn’t like his personal space to be invaded. Another thing, character design alone doesn’t convey personality either, it’s displayed by visible mannerisms in the art itself.

Here, you see Rouge in her best costume ever. However, she’s just standing there with a blank expression.

Can you get a personality out of that? I mean, you can find anime bitches that wear the same slut wear Rouge is packin. But their personalities would be in complete contrast with their fashion sense. Like the female cast of DOA. The only women who would logically get caught wearing half the shit they put on would be Tina and Lisa because their personalities are displayed by certain behaviors. Tina’s win pose has her shaking her stank ass for the crowd. With that, her personality is that of a slut. 😛

Now HERE, you actually get something out of Rouge rather than just a pair of tits.

The way her arms and waist are positioned imply that she’s more of a sultry seductress, and that smile implies a sense of confidence.

You see what I’m saying? Character behavior indicates personality, not their powers or their fashion sense. Because damn well, I can’t see Amy being graceful in some punk rock girl costume that looks like it came out of the late 80s. Instead, looking at her mannerisms from art work, I can see she’s going to be a complete bitch!

That said, yeah, I could see if these redesigns were forced on them by Iizuka and Sega of Japan. The Japanese always find some way to sabotage western developers that work with them in order to create the image that Japan is superior in game development. And Iizuka is over seeing the project which implies he’s fucking it up on purpose. By now, Sega should know how important character design direction is. They’ve had complaints about 06 where the characters looked too tall and Robotnik looking freakishly realistic (even though I kinda like that design), so it’s not like something they just up and forgot about. They used Retro Sonic’s model to attract older fans to Sonic Generations, after all. And I can tell you that’s all Retro Sonic was used for because Retro Sonic plays like shit in that game. And is boring as hell too.

The implications of this change of style are that they WANT to change their personalities too. Otherwise they want to convince us that their old designs just didn’t work and that the people who liked Sonic characters for their SA personalities and SA designs are delusional.

I wouldn’t go that far unless one of the designers on the team was Michael Westgarth. If they wanted to intentionally spite Sonic fans, we’d be able to see that by now. It seems they legitimately want to make a good game unlike Iizuka, but those character designs will hurt the game more than the gameplay. I would be more excited for this kind of game if Knuckles didn’t look like shit.

For the most part, their personalities seem unchanged (again, going on the pilot trailer of the show)…. from the Colors and beyond era. Knuckles will remain a stupid ass because that’s what Iizuka wants. I would hope that’s not what Bob and the gang wanted for Knuckles, but apparently they’re supposed to think that powers and looks make the man.

For Knuckles, it’s not even an issue that he looks like a troll… the issue is that this means that he will act like a troll too. They said it themselves – they redesigned the characters to match their personalities. And if this new Knuckels doesn’t scream STUPID, I don’t know what does. I mean, his body shape screams QWARK! And as far as Qwark goes, we pretty much had the exact idea of his intellectual capabilities.

Fuck man, did you really have to compare him to Qwark!? I can’t unsee it now! Well, at least his chin doesn’t look like an ass.

What about other echnidnas? They don’t think for the future at all. If this by some miracle becames famous and successful, and if they dive into the story, will all echidnas look as stupid as that? If not, Knuckles is going to impose the notion that he is stupid EVEN MORE.

There might not even be other echidnas the way this is looking.

I still don’t understand the real reason behind why they made Knuckles stupid, and continue to do so. It’s pissing me off. Here we had a character with all kinds of potential to be the coolest bad ass in Sonic history stripped away because some idiot thought a cliche story of deception = gullibility = village idiot. Especially coming off from Sonic Adventure 2 where Knux was at his prime of coolness.

Instead of fixing what’s wrong with the characters, they are creating new characters from them altogether. Nobody complained about Qwark being big and stupid, because that’s how he was from the beginning. Thinking that people will have no idea who Knuckles was if they did not change his appearance – this statement itself proves them wrong. People knew EXACTLY who Knuckles was before his stupidification. Only now when his appearance changed, they finally started to feel that the last bit of who he was is gone and that his new appearance does not allow him to be who he was. So instead of making Knuckles look like what he’s supposed to be, they made him look like the opposite of what he’s supposed to be. And people who are OK with that either don’t see it, or never knew him when he was still a character, not a cardboard cutout.

People on the internet are always going to be “just fine” with character redesigns because their tastes are in complete contradiction with the rest of the world. They were “just fine” with Wind Waker even though it nearly killed the Zelda franchise while killing the momentum of the Gamecube. They were “just fine” with Dante’s redesign even though that is the primary factor of the game’s failure (DMC4 sold more than 2 and 3 which also went back to the Dante from DMC1, which should say something). They’re always going to be fine with a redesign for no apparent reason other than “being open-minded” or some shit.

They’re also quite annoying too, proclaiming their “just cool wit dis” mantra to the world as if it were a sign of “appreciation”. It has less to do with a lack of empathy but more to do with telling other people to “get over it”. Which seems to be a common theme amongst fandoms. The creators get to dictate everything, and we should be just fine with it. No arguments because it would make us look bad.

The parallels of gamers to supporters of Obama is scary, no?

Sonic having scarf to make him look adventurous? I think they only made him look slower. I can’t imagine how practical is to wear a scarf or bandages when you run at supersonic speeds. If you want to be fast, you probably don’t want to wear such a loose clothing.

Fuckin right.

Amy trying to be graceful… Suddenly? It would make sense, since they were building the story in SA to make her more independent and confident. But since Heroes, they reduced her to nothing… and now they make her this superconfident and supercapable all of a sudden… Knuckles should watch out for being pushed by her much more now. Also I have no idea how they are talking about their design being SO important, yet the “graceful” character is carrying around a hammer as big as her.

They sound like Amy fanboys. Fanboys have no logical basis for anything they do or say. The scary thing is they’re designing Amy with the explicit intent to make her more popular than she needs to be. They’re talking about “if Amy were to have a spinoff of her own”, do you know anyone who would buy a fucking Amy Rose game? Period?

3/4s of these design choices make no sense for all the reasons you and I have stated.

For Tails, I can’t say people could mind the goggles. It’s the least harmful of those design changes. It feels less important and easily changeable, just like the design change of Sonic between SA and SA2.

Tails is probably the only decent one they have too. There’s nothing extremely offputting like Knuckles, and Tails has warn goggles and mechanic gear for a while too, so it’s not like they really changed anything. At the same time, Tails’s only real power is flight, and his abilities were centered around gear since…. Tails Adventure, so Tails is actually designed appropriately.

Tails is so lucky to be so insignificant in these games. He’s just a side kick who had no major story to himself, which meant he’s safe from idiotic decisions……..fuck, I keep forgetting Lost Mind happened….

And Eggman is no longer Egg shaped… so why they still call him Eggman and not Robotnik? Not that I care so much about his name… it’s just one more thing that goes entirely against their “the character design matters so much that we must change it in order for you to know who these characters are” philosophy.

Good catch. I didn’t even take note of his shape. It could be, again, that SOJ didn’t really give them creative control and are basing their “westernized Sonic” on ignorant assumptions of what we like. Can you see how John Wayne fits into Sonic’s world? I don’t see John Wayne as the “adventurous type. I just saw him as a cowboy.

I call him Robotnik because it’s a fitting name, and is less retarded than Eggman. Not that anyone gives a shit, but really. “Eggman” is the most retarded name you could give anyone. You can’t take a character called “Eggman” seriously. Ivo Robotnik? Sounds more threatening. Dammit, now it’s bothering me that they aren’t calling him Robotnik. He also looks like some sort of aviator given his suit looks more akin to fighter pilots from WW2 days.

Just like I say. They are lying. All they want is to change the character personalities to what they like. And the character design just supports this new direction. New people discovering Sonic games with this will have encoded into their DNA that Knuckles is supposed to be stupid, Amy is supposed to be amazing action heroin and Sonic is supposed to be Nathan Drake. So instead of fixing what’s wrong with Sonic, they just want to realize their own idea what is Sonic and hide before a new audience. And it could work, because I can clearly see that the new game and show will generate much more interest then Colors or Lost Interest.

It’s a little too early to say it will generate interest, but it will cause newer audiences to look at Sonic in a more negative light because the show is going to be bad. Half the views would probably be from Sonic fans anyway. Plus, it has to compete with other kids shows that are already highly popular too.

The game will more than likely fail, though, given the audience is familiar with Sonic, doesn’t want a Pii U , and will reject the redesigns. If people are praying this is a temporary spinoff, there’s no way it will succeed as a new universe.

Especially since they claim that they are not going to make it canon if people don’t like it – that means that it will have no links to the past events. Just the same way like Unleashed, Colors and Lost Interest was. So I believe that if people actually like it, they will not integrate it to the Sonic Adventure story to make it canon – they will actually treat this new game as a reboot and continue from there.
I don’t even want to think about the consequences. That would mean that the other “Japanese” Sonic continuity will be actually the one following the SA story line, having Shadow or Silver, … And that storyline will continue to be written by Pontac and Iizuka will continue to ignore that SA era and modern era are two different things.

SOJ will never continue Sonic Adventure in any territory because Iizuka doesn’t want to. The reason we have Sonic Heroes is because Iizuka thought it would be more accessible to newer fans (wtf!?). They have ZERO intention of returning to the Adventure style of gameplay and content because it goes against their interests. Adventure will be enjoyed mostly by REAL Sonic fans and not have any real audience expansion (which is their goal). The guy has been resistant to making an Adventure 3 since 2003. Why? Could be “too appealing to westerners”. Who knows? His hesitance to Adventure mirrors Miyamoto’s hesitance to 2D Mario. We are not getting an Adventure either way based on those factors.

There’s a stronger bet that the shows will be more popular than the game because television has a different type of mentality behind it. It’s much more accessible to people (everyone has access to tv networks, not everyone can own a console) and the audience is much more impressionable. Not only that, but they also have toy lines in planning. They intend to make Sonic a merchandise driven franchise which (if going by Pokemon or Transformers or Gundam) cares very little about quality and is more about selling toys. Merchandise driven equals horrible mutations of existing characters and properties in order to sell shit to kids. The one thing we’d HAVE to be concerned about is the state of the games. The games are the source and origin of Sonic’s life. If they go the direction of the merchandise driven bullshit with the games, then yeah, we’re fucked and are basically told that we can’t be Sonic fans anymore. Then we’d have to accept the fallacy of being too old to enjoy something because the creators are literally PUSHING us away for a new generation. And they might get away with it because the notions being selfish are strong within all communities in this world.

So yeah, I guess we do have something to worry about. 😛 Sorry for uh… puttin yah on the spot, this was just good analysis. 😛