Time for Capcom’s attempt at PR wizardry! The guy who ruined Street Fighter is being interviewed on a new game they have no business making. Some shit called “deep down” which describes Capcom’s financial situation almost nicely. So as I go beyond the blah blah horseshit about gameplay crap I don’t care about, we get to issues about everyone’s favorite controversy. Downloadable mother fucking content! And by joe, Ono is the one to speak about it. What’s this asswipe’s take on DLC?

DLC is essentially a form of paid service that enables users to continuously get the most out of their games. In the past we didn’t offer DLC, but instead sold sequels or updates as packaged versions. With a game like “Street Fighter”, we ended up releasing new packaged updates about three times a year. Reflecting back now, that sounds like a lot of updates for a packaged title, but basically that’s the idea behind DLC. I don’t think the emergence of DLC was something that came about suddenly, it’s just merely become easier to distribute additional elements and content on the computer system level. Basically, we’re seeing the new form of something that has existed all along.

This is half BS. It is true that Street Fighter is the most over-ported and over-upgraded franchise in the history of video games. There is no series that has had this many re-releases just for a few upgrades or characters, and DLC makes that process easier. BUT…. did Capcom intentionally withhold any of those new features and sell them in new packages intentionally trying to make more money!? What Ono is describing is what DLC SHOULD be used for. Easily distributing new content that’s NOT printed on the damn discs! I’m staring blank at SFxT’s character select screen at 12 mother fucking characters that I am locked out of, and have to pay out the ass just to get! $20 is asking for too much, especially for a game as boring and juvenile as that piece of shit.

Capcom describes the LOGICAL idea behind DLC while they misuse it for notoriously capitalist tactics. They DELIBERATELY locked up content and decided to charge you to open it up! What sucks about this is that other companies started going with this practice. Tecmo with their overpriced on-disc costumes and Netherrealm Studios for charging $30 for 6 characters on Injustice! Capcom is the pioneer of bad business AND development practices. Whatever they do, everyone else copy cats them.

And… just so we’re clear, if DLC made the process easier, WHY IN THE FRESH FUCK DID YOU RE-RELEASE SF4 (4 times!) AND MVC3 YOU LYING SONS OF BITCHES!?

We hope to provide a large variety of content at reasonable prices that is in line with what people like. The important is not viewing DLC as a form of added value, but as a system that we’re supposed to have.

Ohohohohohohoho no! DLC is NOT a requirement of a game’s quality. If DLC is something you’re “supposed” to have, then something is clearly fucked up in your heads. All DLC is “added value”, because it is an “add-on”. An add-on does nothing but extend life of a game by delving deeper into some new digs you can have in your game. BUT… it is not needed. Did people need the Jetstream and wolf DLC for Metal Gear Rising in order to make it a badass game? No! Hell, no one bought the DLC which is why they made it free! But hey, it’s there if you want more out of your game! If the game is awesome already, then no, you don’t need the add-ons. Why the fuck wouldn’t you view DLC as added value!?

What is it with Capcom and DLC!? It’s like they’re honeymoon mode and can’t stop riding that shit. You’re not “supposed” to have DLC if your games are good enough with out it! The only reason you would perceive it as such is if you were starved for cheddar! Capcom is so in love with scamming gamers, they’re trying to convince people that it’s a necessary component to the game development process!

The best thing to do is monitor trends in the days immediately following a game’s release, and then put out DLC which reflects these trends within a month. Problems occur when something we develop completely from scratch fails to match what people need. That’s the advantage of DLC. It gives us an opportunity to monitor trends before we make a decision.

This sounds like bullshit. So you intentionally withhold content……… and then monitor trends to see if DLC will be acceptable!?

– It seems that analyzing user trends has become even more important.
Absolutely. There’s no point in making a service people don’t need. Even if the service is made available for free, no one will use it if it serves no purpose. Demand for a paid service naturally emerges if people feel it’s something they need.

If that’s your perception, lets end the development of video games altogether. Gaming is a service that is not needed or beneficial to our everyday lives.

While I jest, here’s a question I pose. Why would anyone need DLC in the first place? Did the game fail to satisfy a customer’s sense of entertainment? That’s the only reason I can figure as to why DLC would be necessary. Otherwise, it’s just there to squeeze more money out of bitches. Is SFxT not the most glorious example of Capcom forcing “needs” on people by withholding content? People WANTED Blanka in this game so badly, it’s such bullshit having to pay out the ass for him since you technically already have the mother fucker.

Get this through your head, Capcom. People fucking hate your guts because of the way you handle DLC. How you destroyed Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Mega Man. And yet, again, you’re trying to justify a practice you know full well is the reason people hate you. DLC isn’t this magical component that makes every game better (DOA can attest to that). It’s just extra pocket change for you. BS3 and 360 owners already know what the game is, and we’re ALL pissed off. Borderlands 2 actually charges you just to level the fuck up! And that’s “needed” because the enemies in this game scale up further beyond 53! Hell no, we don’t need DLC if you jack offs are gonna force players to “pay beyond”!