Tekken Revolution has 2 million users.

It’s odd how an F2P game is more successful than a full retail release especially when considering how people want more control over their games, but seeing this actually causes me to worry. There seems to be more people playing the F2P versions of fighting games, or at least the Tekken and DOA fandoms since, yeah, they’re the only ones who have F2P fighting games out right now.

But then I think back to Killer Instinct and how they bullshit you with only having ONE FUCKING CHARACTER (I guess to justify the console title) and they make you pay extra for all these extras and… idk, it seems like everyone is taking Capcom’s schemes and creating more acceptable ways around them. The F2P model is a scam all around, but thanks to a price perspective of being free, people are willing to accept this model as long as they get a “taste” of what these games have to offer, and if they like (which most likely they will) are willing to pay for extra content.

Which would mean more developers would start taking suit and go for the skinner box model. If people look at Tekken Revolution as some form of success, then we could be looking at EVERY developer trying to monetize fighting games, not just for some extra bits of clothing, but characters as well.

Yes yes, I know of Capcom, SNK, and Netherrealm have these dirty ass practices (especially with Netherrealm releasing special editions with ALL the fucking characters released), but with the exception of Capcom, that’s mild compared to what might come next. SNK only had like special versions of already existing characters (bullshit in itself,  but not to much of a bother). Capcom’s practices have been downright notorious for various reasons (SFxT being on the disc prior to the release of the Vits version, and then lying about it soured everyone) but see… why the fuck would you get the free edition of Killer Instinct knowing you only get one… fucking… character!?

Video games have been monetized up the ass last generation (now you have to purchase level caps for an FPS!?), and it’s going to get much worse later on (thank you Federal Reserve for destroying the economy), but fighting games can’t work with a skinner box strategy. Fighters need a decently sized roster (10 on up at the least) to even be considered a fighting game. Holding out for more money just to get another character is supreme amongst bullshit. After SFxT, this should be an unacceptable practice. Leave that skinner shit for the RPGs and the FPS’s and those trite ass sports games, but leave the arcade centric shit alone!