Well… there goes my enthusiasm and love for Borderlands 2. Say good bye to my integrity as I bought that expensive ass “Big Game Hunt” DLC which takes me into a fucked up version of Africa (the Victorian-era perception of it I assume) where I am now forced to put down bowlderized versions of African tribes and witch doctors.

First off, I have an Assassin character built for sniping purposes, mostly on weakpoints, but here, the enemy’s weakpoints all protected by shields and masks, which makes my character completely useless. I’ve been really frustrated by how much the game design works against you sometimes. If you go into several areas with hyperion robots, you start thinking that corrosive is the way to go, but then you get to several areas of normal humans. Or you have shields that are always totally fucking useless and canget destroyed in 2 gunshots, or Torque shotguns that can’t put down insects in less than 1-2 hits. No, lets make a DLC where a CHARACTER BUILT FOR CRITICAL HITS… is absolutely worthless! That is horrible design on every level. Take it from Mega Man 9 and 10, you HAVE to design the games levels and enemies fairly. They have to be designed with the character’s abilities in mind. Zero is a character built for pinpointing enemy weaknesses and dealing MASSIVE critical hit damage. But now you have enemies who’s weakpoints are protected from crits. How burnt do Zero players feel? It was bad enough that you made levels with terrible vantage points in that playing Zero becomes more cumbersome than need be, now I have to do shit like I would if I were using a tanking Gunzerker. And believe me, that shit is boring. It’s like the game wasn’t even built for Assassins but primarily for Gunzerkers and Commandos

Secondly, the Witch-docters and evolving enemies. It’s bad enough that these bastards have protection against crits, but they have the ability to LEVEL UP simply by squatting and getting a raging boner!? I was at level 41 fighting regular 39 tribes folks, and these mother fuckers leveled up all the way to 45, they have SKULLS next to their names. So I’m fighting a mob of living death. Not only that, but the Witch doctors can do the same, can break out of phaselocks easily, and can whoop your ass with little effort, but what more is those vampire Witch Doctors that can drain your health and has invincibility via bat transformations that he spams all the damn time. Not to mention the over-done spawning of “badass” enemies. badass enemies are mostly overpowered versions of regulars, but those mother fuckers are usually once in a blue moon. There is an ARMY of those bastards in this pack. Bottomline,  this DLC is not at all balanced with it’s enemy levels, strength, placement, or general abilities. They are far too powerful than they need to be. The Final Boss of this game is a wuss.

Lastly, I level up to 50 with this one pack and that experience relic. But… see… I still got skill trees to fill up and… I couldn’t progress beyond 50. I’m like “shit, now I really gotta use the “respec” thing. But I read that… there is actual DLC that raises the level cap up to 72, but you have to pay for it.

I had to read that again. I was high at the moment and I couldn’t think straight. Naw, straight up, you actually have to pay money… just to go above level goddamn 50.

…….I’ve seen, read, and found a lot of BULLSHIT in my day, the war on terror, the reward and punishment of jury duty, the 1 dollar raise of retail jobs like it makes any fucking difference, but having to pay money just to continue worthless stat building for your characters?

Now that’s a real scam. I’ve heard that there was a free patch on the FIRST Borderlands that allowed you to continue raising levels, but now it comes with a price tag. Does it come with a free dick in the ass? Cause that’s all it is. You’re getting fucked by these assholes who couldn’t design my nuts with the best team possible.

I was actually going to support this company, can’t continue beyond Lv. 50 until I break out some Jacksons, ain’t that a bitch!? Xenoblade, Im up to lv. 99, didn’t need to pay for that. Japanese DLC is expensive as hell, but it ain’t bullshit (sans Crapcom)