Going back to my Wii because Borderlands 2 was starting to grate on my nerves with those fucking Hyperion robots, I took a trip back to the more enjoyable fighting games I had. TvC was one of the more surprising games I’ve picked up. Despite it being a Capcom fighter from this generation, I found myself enjoying it more than I should (probably because Eighting made it instead).


One of the things I quickly got sick of was the pain I incurred just performing special attacks in games. While easy, it’s more so frustrating when half the time, the moves won’t come out and you’ll accidentally throw some retarded punch out. MK9 was the only game that didn’t have this problem. So, hearing that TvC had a more “Smash Bros.” approach to special moves, I thought I’d feel a bit cheap just doing these moves. But I’ve often held the belief that just because a move is easy to pull off doesn’t make the game easy to win. And that holds true for this game.

I spits hot Fiyaaaaah! I’ll eat yo ass up on the MIC if you keep messin wit meh!

I’ve always wondered why the FGC takes offense to having easy commands for special attacks, everyone raised all kinds of hell with CVS2EO (Easy Operation, literally) making it so you can pull of specials with the right analog stick (along with the stupidity of using pressure sensitive shoulders for normals, but I digress). Having easier motions does not make the game “scrubby”. And it’s actually more fun this way. Some retard that doesn’t know how to play a fighting game can just jump right in without having to worry about any skill gap (would still get raped, but at least they won’t feel “lolcheated” simply because they can’t do special attacks).

Ken is taken aback by the pursuit of happiness as it soars into the air.

In all honesty, this game is fun. It’s fast it’s frantic, and you don’t have to worry about execution complexity as you would for SF4 or any 2D fighter not named MK9. That said, I don’t know why this shit exists. Certainly, Capcom is known for making stupid crossovers (I still don’t see how Marvel and Capcom are any kind of opposites), but I’ve never heard of this “Tatsunoko” joint. According to some dick birds, they are responsible for the Speed Racer series, also known as the only anime we got from them (I suppose). So why isn’t he in the game!? At least give some incentive to buy it. All we have from the T-bag side are a bunch of Comic book knock-offs with worse outfits than bad cosplay.

Rainbow Bright’s body guard. Get a load of the random cowboy spurs on his feet.

The problem with the Tatsunoko side is obviously lack of recognizable characters, but considering this was supposed to be a Japan only release (obviously because it wasn’t going to sell for any reason outside, or legal headaches because Japan R selfish bastards). There isn’t a single character I can pick out that I’d recognize. As such, the only characters I looked forward to was Batsu from Rival Schools. If not for him, this package wouldn’t have been considered for my collection. And I have a bad habit of buying fighters for one particular character, not that you give a shit. How could anyone find interest in this game beyond “gameplay reasons?” Not only does Capcom hand out their worst selection of Capcom characters yet (We get random blue samurai instead of onimusha, for instance, and crappy Mega Man Legends Mega Man. Frank West, wtf….) but the other side containing characters we don’t have a fucking clue about. You got 3 bird… heroes, some grown ass man with a “ball in a cup” for a weapon, a super hero that uses baseballs, Bruce Lee in red tights, The cheap bastard with his cheating dog, the ninja… who looks tight, some chick with 2 “comedy henchmen” whom I assume is really popular with the Japanese considering how over-exposed they are in this game, and Tekkaman Blade is a fuckload of awesome admittedly enough.

But my biggest question is… what is the point of this cross over? You know, before the 2000’s period, when people did a cross over, they actually made sense, you know? You had the Marvel and DC cross over comics because they’re both the most recognizable comic book forces in the world with so many fan favorites, who wouldn’t want to see Superman take on the Hulk? Or Hawkeye vs Green Arrow? Aquaman vs Namor the Submariner? You had characters that “synced” with another almost perfectly. An even match of sorts. Capcom vs SNK also made tons of sense. 2 of the biggest names in arcade fighting game history clashing (thought Ryu vs Kyo is a stupid match up). Chun Li vs Mai, Ken vs Terry, Yun vs Rock, it all works well together. The problem here is that there is no sync with crossovers anymore. People just think of the most random match up they can and try to make money off of it.

Mmm Hmm.

Ryu vs Ken the Eagle is a match up I don’t see making any sense. Is Gatchaman the face of Tatsunoko or something? I wouldn’t know. Tatsunoko is simply a company that produces anime while Capcom is a company that produces games. There’s no real match up potential. So the game feels more like some random shit. “Another Capcom fighting game guest starring the world’s fruitiest super heroes!”. Now, if this was Marvel vs Tatsunoko or w/e, that would make… .a little more sense. Both make tons of super heroes, and it’s a battle of “West vs East”. But… this?

From what I’ve read, Tatsunoko simply wanted Capcom to just make a Tatsunoko fighting game. But Capcom’s folks said “This wouldn’t work unless it was merely a vs fighter”. It probably wouldn’t have worked either way. The game wasn’t a hit in any market. What I find funny is that it sold more copies in America than it did in Japan. In either case, I see it as more of Capcom whoring themselves out at the opportunity while the public perception of themselves was still good. There seems to be no logical reason to make this a crossover with Capcom’s worst selection of characters yet.

The problem with this game is a severe lack of character preferences. You have the obligatory Ryu, Chun Li and Morrigan trio with the surprising return of Alex from SF3, you have shitty Mega Man characters (especially overrated cheap ass Zero) and then… Frank West. The characters Capcom chose are those that came from games with HORRIBLE sales! Why not a Resident Evil character!? Why not Mega Man X!? Why not Dante from Devil May Cry? Instead, we get some random bitch from an arcade dating sim!

Just… why!?

Appealing characters are the name of fighting games, and without a decent roster, no one is going to be interested in what the game is all about. Expecting this game to sell decently enough would’ve been the pinnacle of insanity. What kind of costumed super hero with apparent super strength… fights with goddamn yoyo’s?

W/E the case, I can’t help but feel that Capcom simply saw another opportunity at self-promotion and just slapped w/e freaks they had and pit them against the most unknown and unlovable characters in existence. And it’s sad too, the game is pretty damn fun. Sadly, it’s also pretty damn stupid. If only they put in Speed Racer.

And no, I don’t know if Tatsunoko owns Speed Racer or not. Just heard they did.