(*grumble* I don’t need to spy on anything. I ain’t no info pimp)

I’m not even gonna respond to that. Considering the shit this guy pulled earlier, he’s literally begging for fuel. I pulled that kind of shit myself. Believe me, it sours your reputation. Though luckily for me, no one cares about Castlevania.


The argument about what age group Sonic should appeal to is damned tiring. And is a topic that shouldn’t even exist had Sega learned to maintain consistency within the games. And quite frankly, everyone always uses Sonic 1, 2, and 3 as their arguments of Sonic games being kiddy while conveniently ignoring Spinball, CD and the like. The cartoons were cooler than the games, even.

What I WILL comment on is…. just that. The comments section is almost universally appalled by the article, which is funny because prior to the release of Lost Mind, everyone jumped on the “Sonic is for kids” train. What in the fuck happened there? When did the fandom do a 180 and say “this is bullshit!”?

See… back in 2007 after Sonic 06 completely fucked any chance of Sonic having any kind of respect (and Secret Rings failing to revitalize it), people looked to games like Mario and Sonic at the damn olympics as well as Super Smash Bros. Brawl to help revitalize Sonic. And these games came out so close to each other, people were so excited for Sonic’s apparent return to grace. What happened here was that people lost faith in Sega’s ability to make a decent Sonic game, and looked to Nintendo to help fix all that up. We all know the reason for that (Nintendo games are given blow jobs by the gaming journalists for no reason, it seems). Primarily, however, because Mario’s popularity has never dwindled for any reason (unless we bring up Yoshi’s Island or the Mario Parties or Sunshine which people easily pretend never existed). It was a source of desperation and wild feverish anger.

Of course, this was due to Sonic fans mostly being replaced by and large by Nintendo fans who started taking Sega’s attention away from their actual fanbase. The constant demand for Sonic to be Mario would not come from actual Sonic fans, for any goddamn reason. But even then, people never referred to actual gameplay, but seeing what Nintendo does with Mario that maintains consistent popularity (That being Nintendo’s lack of fucks to give about improving content has warped those perceptions greatly). Sonic’s content fluctuation and lack of quality control destroyed Sonic. The Nintard’s demands is pissing on the grave.

Nintards have a general habit of going on about “gameplay being the selling point” and that anyone that says it otherwise is somehow an “idiot” or merely confused. “Nintendo is ALL about gameplay, and their games sell reasonably well!” You can’t argue that Nintendo games (used to) sell well. But then you’d have to ask why they sold well.

Nintards tend to hate on NSMB for not being an intricate innovation even though the gameplay is “good”. They care NOTHING about NSMB’s gameplay because despite that it is good, they ignore it completely while they fawn over Super Mario Galazy in which they extol as the second coming of Jesus Christ. The gameplay is simply a more dull version of Mario 64 with waggle controls, puzzles, and silly “challenges” you complete for star prizes. But this is supposed to be superior?

If good gameplay was the selling point, then why do Nintards despise NSMB so much? It sold VERY well, and has good gameplay! While they won’t admit it, Nintards care about content a helluva lot more than gameplay, and Galazy has (or had) that. The game certainly felt new with it’s galactic setting and new overrated Peach expy. And there is constant cheering for the Paper Mario series despite how terrible those games are in gameplay. Nintards like content more than gameplay, but they cannot admit that for some reason. It has to be a mental disorder of some kind.

I bring that up because everything about Sonic’s Lost Mind is exactly what Nintards praise Galazy for. It’s “intricate gameplay”. Yet here they are REJECTING IT!

Does that tell you anything about the Nintard psychopathy? They don’t even believe their own bullshit. They enjoyed Galazy 1 for it’s CONTENT! The game (I assume) felt EPIC to them, mostly because it’s rare for Nintendo games to be anything but mediocre in content. As such, that same preference will be used as a standard for Sonic’s Lost Mind, a game that was catered specifically to them. The content is only mildly better than Galazy 2.

I say this because Lost Mind is universally reviled by the Sonic fandom at large. The only people who can’t come to terms with that are the shills who use bullshit arguments like “who the game appeals to” to silence dissent. If you cannot defend the game based on it’s own internal merits, then stop trying to convince people that it’s better than it is. It’s a logical fallacy based on the “original sin” factor that there’s something wrong with the player than the actual game. And what’s wrong with Lost Mind is the very thing that alienates everyone, even the hard headed Nintards within Sonic fandom. The content is absolute shit, and no one, not even Ritalin addicted children, is digging it.

I LOVE that. Because it’s throwing more shit Nintendo’s way than it is Sega’s. It proves their beliefs that just throwing a new face on old CRAPPY gameplay means nothing if that face looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Nintendo tried that shit with Link Between Worlds and Mario 3D World. Hell, they tried that with WWHD (somewhat). People are repulsed by the faces. If the Nintards reject the face, then whatever matters on the inside are irrelevant. If the content is terrible, no one will come to it. Other M might have better gameplay than Metroid Prime 3, but UGH did they ruin everything else. Even with those bubble butt shots.

So thank you Sonic fandom (which is now largely composed of Nintards), you have proven what you’ve always been full of!

Oh and that kid he’s talking about? Sonic Rush is much harder than NSMB, by far. I have never beaten that game. Yeah, my 7 year old cousin kicked it’s ass. Final boss, Chaos Emeralds and all. I’m hatin like no tomorrow. Ain’t got shit to do with kids being worse at video games, your girlfriend’s kid just sucks. Individual ability in ANY field, legit or otherwise, cannot be generalized so simplistically. Some people are just better than others. Yeah, I played Ristar, hard fucking game, got as far as world 4 though. That hasn’t changed when my balls dropped. I don’t know how anyone can have a hard time simply getting passed Green fucking Hill, but hey, some people are just better than others. I used to get to Wing Fortress all the damn time back on my genesis (RIP 1992-95). But hey, some people are just better than others.

Seriously, I could never get passed that big fucking robot boss at the end. Such an asshole. Sonic can’t even jump high in that damn game, they expect me to clear those big ass shock waves consistently? At angles I can’t see clearly!? This ain’t Mega Man!

Fuck, I just said I wouldn’t bother responding. Actually, naw fuck it. Post it up on yo own blog. Naw, TWEET THAT SHIT BITCHI could use the extra publicity.