The lies they weave are oh so intricate!

Nintendo considers a “new business structure” in the wake of their inevitable demise. According to the link, the company “admits” to not being able to keep up with the trends in the west… which is one loaded expletive.

Iwata also stated that Nintendo would need to change and propose something that could surprise consumers.

“The way people use their time, their lifestyles, who they are—have changed,” Iwata said. “If we stay in one place, we will become outdated.”

See, this is the thing I don’t understand about Nintendo in general. These people are always LYING about their actions. Nintendo has known for a long time about what westerners like. They’ve known it since the demand to be rid of Wind Waker’s horrid art style. They’ve known since the favorable reception toward Metroid Prime. They’ve known since that letter about Yoshi’s Island being stupid. They’ve known since their label of “kiddy” due to Mortal Kombat. Nintendo knows that westerners like action, loud obnoxious violence, and rule of cool.

Iwata says people have changed their lifestyles around, which is a half-truth. The issue is the economic environment has all but butt-fucked any free time people have. Income is lower than we want. Employment rates sunk deeper through the Earth’s core. Nintendo should’ve KNOWN about the poor economy by now. Nintendo SHOULD know about trends in the west. Hell, not much has changed in the west. The same type of games that sold in the past are STILL the types of games that sell now. Sports games and anything that allows you to shoot. Games with action and loads of fun factor.

Nintendo USED to have those kinds of games. What happened to them? Where are the action games!? Seems like when Nintendo has a game or series with action, they’re in a hurry to kill it off (Star Fox), but have a tendency to continue bullshit that has no action (Pikmin, Fire Emblem).

The west hasn’t change one bit. NINTENDO changed. How do you go from an awesome console like the Wii to something as ridiculous as the Pii U? In just a short 6 years, Nintendo has done a complete 180 and went against everything that made them successful. Why!? Who knows! The illogic behind the Pii U baffles the minds of the IRL crowd every day. We’ve had a shit economy since 2008. We had that “debt ceiling crisis” a couple of years back. If you actually CARED to check what the fuck was going on, you wouldn’t release a console with that price tag!

But hell, whatever “new business structure” you got goin on, hopefully it means more than reducing a price tag.