Happy Holidays bitches. Got some clippers  cause apparently I’m a hairy bastard. Whatever.

Checkin out Sly Cooper…. not bad so far but that turtle is reminding me of Navi all over again, but fuck all that noise.

Capcom has proven to be very stupid these days.

You know that tidbit about gamers being in the 30s? You know, that average that has been that way since…. forever maybe? Yeah, Capcom thinks that’s a problem. See, in their minds, people in their 30s and 40s have a tendency to outgrow gaming. I mean, how can they not? What with all the responsibility of parenting and paying bills taking priority over junk entertainment, yadda yadda. But most adults have the capacity to make free time and not get caught up in stressful situations. But w/e, Capcom says it’s much more strategic to cater to a younger audience as they don’t run the risk of having their audiences leave their games. Since old people have better things to do like die off, which is what all these japs seem to want (especially Nintendo). Problem is they’re talking about a franchise that fucking caters to adults.

Yeah, uh… RESIDENT EVIL is pretty much made for the 30 crowd considering the content involved. A survival horror series mostly about puzzles and getting out of situations, mostly slow paced up until the shitty COD wannabe TPS’s.

Capcom and Japanese developers constantly infuriate and frustrate ALL their audiences because they constantly fall into the “get em while they’re young” clause. Which isn’t a bad theory as the Japanese worship youth as if when you get passed the age of 27, you’re no longer a desirable person. Hell, every anime they have features a teenager with super powers and a bunch of highschool girls with hormone charged titties. The Japanese are horrid people when it comes to age, instantly assuming that going beyond the highschool limit makes you a skidmark on their shoes. Sega tried this bullshit with Sonic, and failed. Capcom isn’t really in a position to pull this shit considering their financial situation.

The entertainment industries of the world are all considering the youth as their saviors of profit considering the economic environment is not in their favor. Since young people are inherently stupid and lack self control, they are the best targets for squeezing cheese from. IE you make content that chases away older audiences and have shills run around talking about “times have changed” and that “this shit was always for younger audiences” while reeling in the stupid youth. Expect RE7 to have Hello Kitty costumes.

How does Capcom plan to do this? By using fashion magazines that appeal to young people. Oh Amma, the WORST audience you could cater to are teenagers/College Students. Teenagers have the absolute worst taste in anything, especially celebrities and music (dubstep is shit, and you know it). So what’s probably going to happen is that Resident Evil will cease to have adult content and probably have something similar to Highschool of the Dead.

If Slit skirt Chinese bitch, Tribal Bikini Black chick, Blond Jill and Hospital cleavage Sherry weren’t clues already…

Hell, SFxT was already a clue that Capcom is going after Teenagers, especially with Poison in mind.

Resident Evil was already dead at #5, and was raped in 6. Looking at that fashion magazine remark, I fucking DREAD what they’ll do in 7. Resident Evil is a series that generally appeals to the 30 year old crowd. It’s not M-rated for no reason. Why not find some sort of middle ground so that resident evil appeals to a wider demographic? I mean… you know… it worked well before. The true test of how good a game is… is how much you enjoy it no matter how old you get. A good reason for why adults grow out of gaming is because developers keep going after younger people like a bad habit. So painting Resident Evil for young(er) people is definitely going to chase the older ones away. Not that Resident Evil had any longevity anyway, all of those games are throw aways with no real replay value. When you experience a Resident Evil title for the first time, the second playthrough is not special because you know the flow of the game. The last time Resident Evil had any replay value was with number 2 having all those alternate playthroughs and routes you could explore. But beyond that, there ain’t much to it.

But “hey, if that’s the case, the TEENAGERS will be stupid enough to buy them anyway!”. You can blame it on Capcom’s financial situation, that which can be blamed on Capcom’s bad business practices of catering to stupid teenagers. Capcom is so unbelievably stupid. First, the DLC practices that got them in this jam, and they think the only way out is through more DLC. As well, catering tto teens chased away their audiences and they think catering to teens again will ARRRRRRGH! The mark of stupidity of trying the same thing over and expecting a different result. And unfortunately, Capcom is not interested in anyone’s concerns on the matter, they’re desperate for money but they don’t know how they’re going to get out.

Other than that, they’re trying to appeal to non-gamers by using movie studios and a “Resident Evil cafe” in Shibuya town. Uh… right. How do you appeal to non-gamers using a HARDCORE gaming franchise!? I’ve not seen video game sales rise with movie tickets, the best selling games have usually been original game titles and non-movie/tv show  related material (unless it’s fucking Disney), but a Cafe!? People might just like the food and atmosphere, but I doubt anyone is going to pay out the ass to get that same experience on a console. Cheap food>>>>>>Expensive games. The REVERSE would happen, the gamers would be drown to the cafe because they’re familiar with the material and they’re EXISTING fans. If you want to cater to non-gamers, you don’t use existing franchises. You have to really introduce them to games that have any franchise history or potentially reboot the franchise. Wii Sports is a good example of introducing non-gamers to video games (I think). But you didn’t see Nintendo Land doing anything, did you? Introducing non-gamers to a gaming franchise by using non-game related promotions is counter-productive considering the expenses of video games and the financial burdens of the WORLD at large. You’re dealing with people who have priorities to keep in check. I bet the Capcom CEO couldn’t pass a bloodtest, he’s so dumb.

In other news, Sega released PSO2 to South Asian territories…. in English.

You can just tell Siliconera thought that was bullshit. It’s right in their title. I had been anticipating this game since it’s announcement, and have been feverishly raging on the inside. Sega announces and then cancels the western release, while giving Asian territories an ENGLISH…. FUCKING…. VERSION! WRAP YOUR BIG ASS HEAD AROUND DAT SHIT!

We CAN’T have our own version in a language we understand, but the FUCKING ASIANS can!

I… shit man! I don’t have the piss to waste, EVERYONE knows that’s bullshit. How much you wanna bet some bureaucratic asshole gamers will blame the folks who got a Japanese account to play the game overseas even when it was declared to be A-OK!?

Neo Sega’s anti-western practices are out of control. They’re already targeting youtubers once again, they’re antagonizing their Sonic fans with Nintendo content (or that’s Nintendo themselves), the mobile game with integrated servers but Japanese audiences getting the overpowered extras that allow them to beat everyone in non-japanese territories (I think it was Kingdom Conquest or something?), and I can tell you this english version being exclusive to Asia is a “Fuck you” to western audiences for getting Japanese accounts (banned as well ofcourse). Sega is literally going out of their way to piss off their western fanbases on every level. Hands down, this company isn’t focused on business, they are focused on a declaration of Japanese supremacy against everyone else. They are deliberately antagonizing western audiences AND PARTNERS. And this is unacceptable on all accounts. Where Sega got this new chip on their shoulder from, I have no idea, but they have the nerve to continue making shoddy games for the west while they give the Japs their best shit ever, what is the goal? It is immature and they should not be allowed to run any business. If you WANT money, and you’re working in 3 different territories, then you deliver EQUAL FUCKING TREATMENT to these territories. Sony does this, Capcom…. used to do this, Namco does, Konami FUCKING does it well, and even SNK to some extent has done this.

Sega, you are not special. You either serve ALL of your audiences equally, or don’t serve anyone at all. If all you’re gonna do is show us your asshole and tell everyone to lick it, we’ll prefer to RYNO instead.