I just wanna post this because I would love for Sankofa to add something about all the Sonic fans bitching about people bitching about this because……it’s free:

Aw geez, I’ve already got influenza, I think you’re trying to kill me now!

The more I see shit like this, the more I desire to quit gaming. Nintendo is literally using Sonic to promote shitty Yoshi’s Island? And then a Zelda themed level next year? “Sonic’s Lost Mind” proves to be the accurate title once again.

One has to question the desire to make a Yoshi’s Island level for Lost Mind. Last I checked, no one cares about the Yoshi spin off series. Using another franchise hardly anyone cares about to promote a series no one cares about is an oxy moron. Secondly, everything about this level screams “uncool”. The need to rescue Yoshis are you fucking stupid!?

Another thing I find funny is that Nintendo and Sega kept going on about not knowing how to do a cross over between Mario and Sonic because they play differently, but here we see Sonic being slow as molasses and using his “weird” shit to defeat enemies.


If Nintendo has proven anything, it’s that they do not care about a series identity. Anything they publish usually gets neutered in some way. Bayonetta getting a haircut probably had more to do with her hair being her body suit, but that’s no longer the case as her suit is completely detached. I knew something was fishy when MGS Twin Snakes had a Yoshi and Mario doll in one of the offices. I’m still trying to figure out how Capcom managed to avoid having Nintendo retardify their Resident Evil games. But Sonic with Yoshi and Zelda content? There’s no words to describe how utterly ridiculous this is getting. There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

When Black Knight came out, people despised how Sonic was “ripping off Zelda”.  Yet people are defending Zelda DLC? Since when was it ok to champion assimilation but not imitation? But of course, the Nintards masquerading as Sonic fans are “ok” with this because anything with Nintendo’s identity is automatically brilliant.

The whole “Free and Optional DLC” argument is nothing new, but as with all Nintards, it is an argument used inappropiately because they don’t understand (or give a shit about) what the problem is. They’re looking at it from a consumer point of view rather than a principal. When the complaints are about a MarioXSonic assimilation, telling people that it’s “Free and Optional” comes off rather obnoxiously. The price (if any) can never be used to justify anything. Into the Nexus costing only 30 bucks doesn’t change the fact that it’s a crappy game. It’s like getting a gift for christmas that you don’t like. Just because it cost you nothing doesn’t mean you automatically like it. Gamers seem to believe the amount of money you pay equates to the value of the product. If that’s the case, the Yoshi themed DLC holds no value. You can’t complain about something with no value! Of course, no one has to DL the DLC. And no one will because no one bought the game. What is truly wrong with this mentality is that it pervades every facet of life. If you pay 5 bucks for work gloves and they break, you can’t complain because they were “cheap”. Nevermind that cheaper no-brand foods have less chance of killing you than the big name brands and still taste just as mother fucking good.

If you’ve been playing video games for the last 7 years on HD consoles, you should know that a price-tag dictates nothing of value because as far as I’m concerned, no game on HD console is of any value, that combined with getting butt-fucked by tyrannical publisher practices makes them not worth it. Free DLC is in the same boat. Metal Gear Rising’s DLC side stories are of very little value, being that they were short levels treading familiar ground. Did we need to know why Sam joined Armstrong? Or the robot dog’s past life? Being free just means you won’t feel ripped off in the end if you end up hating it. But again, this is not thing issue. The issue is the apparent assimilation of Sonic into Mario.

For a Sonic game, it would’ve been more appropiate (on every level) to put in a Sonic themed level rather than Nintnedo themed one. But of course, that would be promoting Sonic’s history rather than Nintendo’s history. And more and more, Nintendo seems more obsessed with teaching the history of their games rather than making them. Look at Nintendo Land and tell me that’s not whoring out Nintendo History. Why the Pilotwings level in Smash 4 when no one liked Pilotwings? Smash Bros. used to pick out all the cool stuff from their past games, now they put anything “Nintendo brand” and just slap it on. We NEVER needed a pictochat stage in Brawl. Ever. Nintendo’s vanity is so overreaching that it takes control of Nintendo’s own common sense in saying “wait, did people even use Pictochat on the DS?”. Nintendogs, why bother!? They used Brawl just to promote Nintendo’s history, not to make a fun and competent game, and the same is happening in Smash 4. With Sonic, it’s the same thing, only more obnoxiously.

What I predict will happen is that, eventually, Sega will sell off Sonic to Nintendo. We all know they don’t care about Sonic enough to prevent it from being used to promote Nintendo’s fucking history. Did Sonic need to come back for Smash 4, a game that is all about Nintendo’s history and vanity? That should be a clue. Sonic is all a part of Nintendo’s history now with all the buttfucking going on. What kind of history? Nintendo’s rival mascot from the 90’s. Hell, if they were insane enough to include a peripheral device as a character in Brawl simply because it skyrocketed the NES to success, then they would include Sonic as the mascot rival they barely managed to beat. But they’ll leave out the part where they relied on a western dev to help make that a reality.