Now Shinobi 3 is getting the “treatment”.

At first, Sega questioned the viability of the 3DS, and now they’re going gaga over this bullshit.

The 2DS is being made to get over the price hurdle of the original 3DS model, but it will also have no 3D features and a shittier design. More than likely, the 2DS will be the one that everyone will have in the future due to pricing and Pokemon XY bundles. Sega is wasting their talent. No one likes the 3D features of the original 3DS, so Sega remaking their games with 3D in mind is pointless. Haven’t they gotten the memo that this shit hurts people’s eyes and causes them to go dizzy?

But here’s what I really want to know. Why the fuck are you making 3D features for a game that everyone will focus only on the foreground? Shinobi games demand lots of concentration, even the easy Shinobi 3 will kick your ass. You’re not gonna focus on the background effects of scrolling layers just to say “ohhhhhhh!”, you’re going to be throwing F-bombs while you play the game. Shinobi isn’t a series that’s big on pretty pictures, and most Shinobi games are butt ugly too. It’s a waste of time.

In fact, all of the 3D remakes make no sense in the long run. If you wanted to make 3D remakes, then redo the fucking graphics.

Put some ACTUAL WORK into remaking the graphics. The fact that there are already so many 3D remakes of old Genesis games in under a year shows how easy it is to do this, and all these explanations of how it’s done is probably just lip service to show the hardcore that they care and are still hard working developers.

Shinobi deserves better treatment than to be some faux display of Sega’s “craftsmanship”. Oh it’s nice to play these games again, but I could just get a Classic game Console Sega Genesis and play all of that shit for 40 bucks. Or hell, EMULATE it.

Something tells me Sega is losing their goddamn minds over trying to “help Nintendo” with their hardware problem, as if they just can’t believe that Nintendo is in such trouble that they have to go out of their way to show off hardware features no one gives a shit about… to display the value of console features. If that is their goal, then shitting out lame 3d remakes is not the way to go about it. No one likes the 3D, so no one will use the 3D. Not even for Shinobi.

I also feel that Sega is over-estimating the value of their Genesis games. People continue to buy them because they’re the only games from Sega that are perceived to be the only Sega games of quality. Not because they’re the best damn things on Earth. People would want MORE games like those Genesis classics. We got Sonic 4 e2 even if it is lazy as shit. We got Shinobi 3D. We got Alien Soldier. Now give us Vectorman 3. Streets of Rage 4. Why can’t we have a Golden Axe 4? And no, not that ass tripe Beast Rider with cave bitch Tyris Flare.