This is not evil

If you’ve been on the internet gaming message boards long (or just the Nintendo hubs, you poor little fuck), then you’ve probably heard just how much hardcore gamers just… cannot… stand…. Call of Duty. That name alone causes cancer. People hate it’s guts.

While I don’t care for this series (never played a military shooter beyond Medal of Honor Frontline), I do enjoy First-Person Shooters from time to time. Borderlands 2 is looking pretty enticing right about now. I’m much more partial to twitch shooters of old. Time Splitters was the last FPS series I truly enjoyed. Either way, First Person Shooters have gotten a bad rep in the hardcore realm of reality. And while the success of FPS’s have faltered (Minecraft and Injustice kicked more ass), it should be easy to see why FPS’s have caught on so well and unfortunately became saturated. Everyone thinks it’s about “just shooting things” and “lining up shots” and prefer to leave it at that.

Fuck them all, I say. These days, they have no idea how good… most FPS’s can be. Yes, I get it. Military shooters (from NAM to Alien worlds) are saturated up the ass, but content be DAMNED! You wanna know why Call of Duty and other FPS’s were so popular?

It’s the only genre where TRUE IMMERSION has been present almost exclusively for the last decade.

Stupid hardcore gamers think immersion comes from good graphics or some big, open and massive world. You couldn’t be anymore of a fuckwit if you thought that. Immersion can only come from ACTION! What kind of action!? Beating some ass, blasting away enemies, causing sweat explosions. BUT… most importantly, you feel like you’re in danger!

Immersion can only come from the FEELING that you are a part of the action. You can never feel like you’re a part of the game world. A pretty picture is not immersible. Walking and endless walking in some expertly modeled world isn’t immersion. It’s crap.

Why are FPS’s immersion on steroids? FPS’s are ENDLESS ACTION (until you get to those cutscenes). The excitement of combat, the FEAR of navigation, the desperation of low supplies, the utmost certainty of death…..all of which are present in the FPS genre. Every other game is piss easy these days, FPS’s are seemingly the only genre with some actual challenge. The visceral sense of bullets passing by your very eyes, explosions emitting everywhere you turn.

In an FPS, you are forced to keep moving, or find a good hiding place. You’re always bound to be a target if you’re standing still waiting for something, you always have to keep moving. Because there’s always a good chance you will die standing still. It’s easy to kill, but it’s also easy to die (unless it’s one of those pussy FPS’s with regenerating health). The need to keep moving knowing this creates a sense of anxiety. Most of the time, you are thrust in mazes that you must navigate expertly, hoping you don’t walk into a trap or a room filled with enemies. You have to THINK about where to go, and pay attention to your surroundings. It’s easy to do that for every other game because you have a large pan vision of the world, but in FPS’s, your focus is (obviously) in front of you. You have to constantly look around to recognize your surroundings. This can be scary even. You will usually have no idea of what’s behind you given this perspective.

In an intense gun fight, you have to multitask. You gotta kill stuff, but also not be dead. Strafing and aiming is not the easiest thing in the world (not with these controls). Avoiding death and delivering it is challenging in any gun fight. The moments in which you are overrun with swarms of powerful enemies, sending you into retreating can be one of the more exciting moments in gaming. Especially if you run low on ammo (and even more so with the dick hole shooters that only allow you to carry 2 guns at once).

Gameplay is also variational at will rather than restrictive. You can either go into a swarm of enemies guns ablazing or wait from a distance with a sniper or Rocket launchers even. These games reward different play styles with little to no consequence. It’s inviting to a broad audience.

But beyond all that, FPS is probably the only genre in which depth perception is never an issue. Most 3D games have problems coming from depth perception. Trying to judge distance between yourself and an object in 3D space is problematic when you are viewing the game from a 2 dimensional output (which is why everyone complains about bad cameras in 3D platformers, it’s damn near impossible to play without putting the camera in a 2D perspective). Shooters? You just aim at something you want dead and press the trigger. You’re not required to be close to your enemy when it comes to attacking as your weapons are all long ranged. It would be no different than a rail shooter.

So not only are the games immersible 100% of the time, they’re also playable without camera issues getting in the way.

That’s not even getting into just how addictive those games can be. It seems FPS’s are crammed with endless shit it seems. The overwhelming layers of maps, skins, weapons, vantage points, and the prospect of having up to 16 people to fight with, creating an atmosphere of chaos on  the battlefield.

There is literally no barrier to entry for the FPS genre beyond the controls (moving, aiming and firing perfectly is not easy). The problem with FPS’s are, again, the content. Everything is a military shooter whether it’s in WW2 or in deep space, and this is something that needs to change. And no, pointing out one or 2 shooters that take place in different settings isn’t going to alleviate the problem.

Of course, the hardcore prefer to look at FPS’s from a mechanical perspective. They see “pointing and shooting” and assume that’s all there is and that the gameplay is shallow and un-evolved. Tell me… in a genre listed with “shooter” in it’s title, what more do you fucking need!? FPS’s don’t need to evolve because combat with guns are pretty much be all end all. People kinda need evolved forms of fist fights or melee weapon combat because there’s ALWAYS room for improvement. But a gun doesn’t need much more than more daka. The gun was considered the superior form of combat in war because they’re already powerful, fast, and hard to dodge unlike a fist or a sword because more effort is needed. Guns? They just need to be sweeter. But I’m rambling.

Saturation is bad. Senseless bile because of saturation is also bad. First Person shooters are not bad games simply because there are too many of them on the market. If they’re guilty of anything, it’s that they provide something that NINTENDO GAMES DO NOT! I bring up Nintendo games especially because it’s usually those asshole nintards that bring up Call of Duty whenever someone criticizes the shitty Pikmin games. But this goes for everyone. The salty butthurt tears of the hardcore that sling mud at every person that criticizes the objects of their fandoms always fire back with the retorts of “go back to your COD”. That’s what people will do. I don’t think anyone has a problem with being told to go to ANY game that actually aims to please a broad audience unlike those “sophisticated” jRPGs with big breasted 5 year olds masquerading as teenagers.