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This topic will NEVER END in the Sonic fandom. Man, if SA2 wasn’t so mother fucking good, we wouldn’t have this topic over and over again.

Most of the subjects that come up are overly dramatized “gameplay that needs to be right” topics, or pillars that have to be followed to ensure success, but seeing where this industry is headed and how Sonic games have been selling, nothing is promised no matter how much work you put into it, or how you did everything the “right” way to ensure quality. It’s subjective thinking at best. The only way to ensure some sort of success is to always… ALWAYS…. address the complaints of the previous games. People have a tendency to think “well you can’t have a Sonic Adventure title without X gameplay style” but no one ever thinks “do people actually want this shit back?”

People talk about perfecting “gameplay”, but what we should think about is improving Game Flow. What can you expect from the next level/world and is it going to build upon the last? Game progression. That kind of shit.

Be honest. Do you REALLY want all that shit back?

A lot of people kept talking about the need to “perfect Sonic’s gameplay first” when talking about Lost Mind. Even though you had it down pat in the Adventure games or Amma forbid the fucking 2D games, simply going back to that is somehow “unrealistic”. But aside from that, what people are asking for is instead of trying to create “variety”, focus on improving the accepted standard of what people expect from a Sonic game (which is not the bullshit in Lost Mind). The reason being is because a lot of the different gameplay styles are experiments. Experimentation that you’re trying to sell at full price is foolish. That’s what you have test audiences for (I think). People demand “Sonic only” because the gameplay they had with Sonic games prior to adventure are what people come to expect from Sonic games. Regardless of whatever standard people hold the Adventure series to, this will forever be the case. You’re not going to go into a Ratchet and Clank game expecting to cut grass to find lady bugs just to progress or use fire to burn trees in some “supply conserving challenge”. People expect to go into Ratchet and Clank with a gun and a wrench in hand ready to fuck shit up! With a few minor puzzles here and there, mind you.

That said, why in the fuck do Sonic fans still expect people to go into a Sonic game with the expectations that they are playing a Sonic game, and instead they find themselves with levels where they have to perform missions like finding crabs, sun and moon medallions, shooting levels, overworld missions with retarded NPCs, or levels that force you to catch a train before it gets away?

The game flow of many Sonic games are unsatisfactory to a good majority of the fans because the games have these elements in them that do not fit their expectations, and yet they HAVE to do these things anyway to progress.

If the majority of complaints about Sonic are coming from alternate gameplay styles, take them the fuck out.

One of the other reasons (besides graphics) that I feel people enjoyed Sonic Colors more than they should have is because the game flow itself felt consistent. You know each zone will have 6 acts and a boss, and while there are a few retarded levels (the spring board levels where you bounce around all the time for no reason other than “intricacy”), the game flow is consistent and does not hinder the player by thrusting them into another gameplay element they are not prepared for.

Think about it this way. Say you’re playing a regular “platformer” where after about 4 levels, after all the jumping, the ass kicking, the general stuff that made the game fun, now you’re required to slow down your pace and find some stupid music box and drag it around the level and find music birds to give it to just to progress. I mean in the first 3, I’m going about my business whoopin whole sale ass, and now I have to carry around a CD Player just so these jive turkeys can go and attend KFC Idol.

Yes, that shit..

That’s disrupting game flow. While Round 4 of Ristar might be acceptable because it’s still the same thing (just with a major inconvenience on hand), Sonic games take this shit to a whole new level. Not only is he objective different, now the controls have completely changed!

This is infuriating to the game in that they have to get into a different mode of thinking and playing as they progress through the game. In SA2, you won’t have another Knuckles level for 3 Zones, and after 2 Sonic Zones, you’re thrust into Pumpkin Hill and now you gotta find rocks. You’re thinking to yourself “I’ve just been through 2 kick ass levels of high speed action, and now I gotta fly around looking for shit”. No one likes feeling this way in games, and I damn sure couldn’t stand it in Skyward Sword. Take it the fuck out.

Now, on the other hand, a lot of people enjoyed the Chao gardens more so than the mech shooting and the treasure hunting. A big reason for that is because the Chao elements were distractions from the main game. You did not need to go into Chao Garden because it was not important to your progress through the main game. This is considered favorable variety. As long as this gameplay element is not forced on you in the game, players will warm up to it more so than not. Optional gameplay styles or minigames are “good”. Necessitated gamplay styles or minigames are “bad”.

Not to mention those damn things are adorable.


Sure, they were probably added to fulfill Japan’s cuteness quota, but you gotta admit, those are some of the cutest mother fuckers in gaming. Kinda creepy too.

Devil Chao!? Might as well be a Mogwai.

You might be thinking to yourself “wouldn’t that get boring just playing the levels the same way over and over”? No. That is an assumption. Seeing how popular FPS’s are because many of them don’t break their game flow too often, this is never the case. The only way it would get boring is if the game itself simply isn’t fun to begin with.

Hint Hint

People rarely complain about repetition in 2D Sonic because for some magical reason, 2D Sonic is fun throughout. I won’t touch on why because there is some sick obsession with demonizing 2D Sonic within the fandom atm. Sonic Heroes on the other hand…..

Game Flow is the primary concern for Sonic fans that (thankfully) has been addressed with Sonic Colors and onward.

Then the question would arise “How can it be Sonic Adventure 3 without Adventure elements?”

How about “How did SA2 be accepted as an Adventure title without a goddamn hub world!? Without the fishing, without Tails racing, without hammer time Amy?”. There is no necessity for a GAMEPLAY ELEMENT to be present (unless there is significant demand for it to be there). I suppose people don’t care that much about there needing to be a patch for 100 rings = life up so it’s… “ok”. Then again I’m over-estimating just how many people bought that piece of shit.

I say this because you are looking at it as Tradition>>>>>Demand. You don’t really need a hub world in a Sonic game (overworlds in general need to be abolished from gaming altogether as they serve no purpose other than “realism”….. with the exception of RPGs.) nor do you need TREASURE HUNTING. The only thing an SA3 needs to be considered an SA title is content that builds on and fits within the context of the previous entries, and a gameplay and game flow that is enjoyable enough for people to care. IE the Tone, the Atmosphere, the Setting, Mythos, that kind of shit. Thus far, Sonic 06 is the closest thing to an Adventure title considering the content present.

That said, the question you need to be asking is what kind of bad ass shit you want to see in Sonic Adventure 3!? We all know about the demand for Crush 40 to come back, voice actors, etc. What about the world? Do you want it to take place on Earth again? What kind of mythos would you want to explore? Something completely new and not connected to previous games in the series? How about something involving the abuse of Chaos Emeralds leading to some universal disaster (As overused as the emeralds are, they’ve got PLENTY to build up on, hell). How smart do you want Knuckles and Robotnik? Why not give Tails battle rings similar to Sky Patrol where he just tosses them around like in Rayman 3 (or Ratchet’s Omni-Wrench)!? Go TRON LEGACY on dat robot ass! No… fucking… .robot mechs. Please.

And bring back the TECHNO DREAMWORLD AESTHETIC! Something that looks like Sonic Colors without the Candy land shit!

And bing back Chao Karate. My little “Cyndaquil” was doing fucking ROUND HOUSE KICKS!