Why wouldn’t it be?

There’s honestly nothing new about this argument. We’ve been having discussions like this ever since Shadow the Hedgehog released debating about who Sonic the Hedgehog really catered to. And the fans have been that way since.

Content fluctuation is a bitch.

I can’t say I envy the Ratchet and Clank fanbase for being the “most reasonable” people around as the only reason they’ve remained calm is because the content of their favorite series has remained consistent. A fandom is only as stable as the games are. Imprinting souls, all that jazz.

I think we should all be clear on something. Damage control is never an argument. Anything based on bullshit is never an argument. The “children” argument is only a reactionary response to people that complain about something being too kiddy.

It’s hard not to sympathize with those idiots, though. When you look at gaming today, outside anything on Nintendo consoles, it looks like developers within the industry are trying way to fucking hard to be hardcore. When you’ve got indies making gay shit like Flower in response to M-Rated game saturation across the board, we have a problem. So when people go around criticizing something for being “kiddy”, gamers become easily offended. Why, they’ve found something they enjoy that’s not “dark and gritty”, and seeing what happened with Jak 2, the reactionary response is “it’s for kids, it’s not supposed to be mature”. After all, if any dev takes feedback like that, it’s in the gamer’s best interests to deflect those types of critiques and hopefully maintain series consistency when comes the time for sequels. Realistically speaking, people were offended by Jak 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog simply due to the notion that developers were trying to copy GTA3 which pretty much kick-started the industry’s drive to be “edgy” and shit. And everyone attributed a new sequels “Darker and Edgier” take on something to the success of Grand Theft Auto. It’s something gamers just haven’t learned to let go because this kind of shit happens way too frequently. I’m still pissed off about RE6! But I’m rambling.

The reason it cannot work with Sonic is because the series has had edgy content back in the day. It might’ve not been fucking extreme like Shadow was, but it wasn’t for babies. So that’s why this “argument” is completely out of place for Sonic fans. If you cared about the roots, you would not be suggesting the series “was for children”. Sonic is supposed to be mass market. That means encompassing MULTIPLE DEMOGRAPHICS! Video games cannot afford to cater to exclusive demographics due to intentional monetary sabotage by assholes in the city of London. The real reason the argument is offensive to many fans is because we all know how adults look at children. If you are a parent (most likely a mother), you’re likely to be over-protective (bonus points if you’re Christian), so when you look at what to give your kids, you want to make sure there’s nothing there that will psychologically fuck up your kid’s future and turn them into school shooters. Businesses, unfortunately, think in the same way and seem to sanitize every mother fucking thing they can if they market it toward children.  And in their minds, “children” are all between the ages of 0-2.

That’s why “children’s entertainment” is complete shit. They’re literally made for retards who don’t even know they’re shtting their diapers.

It’s dangerous to imply Sonic is for “children” because that would mean the series has to appeal to retards. And Sonic fans got a bad enough reputation as it is.

Instead of saying “Sonic is for children”, you could say “Sonic is for kids”. There is a difference. “Kids” implies a much more broader age range. Teenagers are still considered “kids” due to their mental immaturity. They’re also into shit like GTA. College students are still considered kids(and even more so because they come out just as ignorant as they were when they go in, but can be the smuggest of assholes either way). So why not make Sonic appeal to “Kids”? Sonic games apparently don’t appeal to adults sans those that grew up on the series, a shrinking number for sure. Even then, appealing to “Kids” would also appeal to adults in some fashion. Ratchet and Clank is for “Kids”, yet has the capacity to appeal to adults as well without going into extremes (like Jak and Daxter) Shit, Devil May Cry appeals to kids.

I would assume the only reason Sonic fans are sticking to this argument is because Sega explicitly said so. After all, since Sega fans are savvy enough to not swallow their bullshit, they might as well appeal to an audience that is perceived to be stupid enough to beg mommy and daddy to buy it anyway. Sonic Colors looks sanitized enough to coddle the retards to get cash money (which they didn’t). Why else would Sonic fans be some of the angriest folks around? We’ve all been literally abandoned for retards.

There are a few problems I have with this list, however.

1. I’m not entirely sure how many fan conventions have children present, but I’m willing to bet they’re near the 2% part. Fan conventions are almost universally comprised of young adults (dressed in retarded cosplay sometimes). Kids most likely have no clue what the word “convention” means by 10 years.

4. Kids have no real priorities or self-control. If they had it their way, they’d play games for 24 hours straight. And for the record, most children won’t even make it past Level 2 of ANY game made prior to 96. But they continue to play these games. Why? Because games like Sonic are (or was) compelling enough to kids that they desperately want to see the rest of the game’s content. Kids have a much stronger drive than adults because they have yet to be beaten over the head about how much shit sucks in this world. As such, their tolerance level is damned high because they are unaware of what the concept of “bullshit” is. Mega Man classic is a bullshit ridden series, but everyone “enjoyed them when they were kids” for a reason. And in their minds, they won’t let this stupid piece of crap game beat them! They could be written off as “retarded” because they have the tolerance to swallow Sega’s bullshit. Which is why Sega is catering to them. After all, “casual” is “kiddy”, and kiddy is “retarded”.

Also, the SA2 bit is just “spite against SA fanboys”. Because Sonic Adventure 2 gets so much praise, it is also a huge target to debase. Even granny could see SA2 is kid friendly (I don’t think Rouge’s titties would be offensive with all the breast feeding I see going on these days). Think about it The constant attacks on the vaguest plot holes and production mistakes no one gives a fuck about because the story was put together logically enough for no one to give a fuck anyway. No, “lets just pick this bitch apart because no one will shut up about this game”.

Damn, SA2 is actually worth talking about. I don’t see mother fuckers talking about Lost Mind. Even Sega is silent about Lost Mind despite all the FUCKING HYPE!