Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but both games are examples of extreme content fluctuation, both of which probably led to the demise of both franchises.

Both of these games colored their respective fanbases in the wrong way as both fandoms do not believe any title after these 2 are worthy of mention. Most of them, at least.

Both of these games, when played, led to an extreme level of frustration and agony in different ways (Shadow was confusing at first and had quite a few tedious missions, Jak 2 was just bullshit ridden all over the damn place).

Both of these games have crap stories (YMMV on Jak 2) as well as try-hard “badittude” with characters swearing for no good reason or making titty jokes.

Both games have the potential to grow on you anyway (yet still hate their fucking guts for why they were made)

…..But here’s the key difference.

Hardly anyone praises the city in Jak 2. In fact, everyone hates the city. No mention of constantly bumping into shit as you roll through, no mention that “the variety of shit you do” is actually forced on you (60 tedious missions, and you have to complete every single one of them to advance the game). Shadow the Hedgehog gives you freedom to choose what missions you want to do to advance the story (No necessity to complete everything unless you choose to) as well as “run around high speed” as they originally complained about (not noting that it was by choice to face the enemies anyway instead of moving at a preferred pace). Jak II is much more limiting in that regard. One mission in particular (the sewer escort), if you try to leave those 3 assholes behind, they automatically die and your ass is sent back to the beginning.

No mention of Shadow’s superior auto aim either. At least in any version other than BS2. Oh wait, were they reviewing the Xbox version?

None of this is mentioned in either reviews. All of Jak 2’s problems are glossed over while Shadow’s are exaggerated.  Jak 2 also has a much worse camera.

Both games have the same general stupidity in design choices and content, and were both a result of fan feedback and Grand Theft Auto 3 (The “COD Cancer” of the time). But in either case, Jak 2 caused a number of frustrations back in the day, and still does. Jak 3 fell on def ears and the series has been on death row ever since. Sonic as well, but maintains a partial, but rapidly shrinking, demand after Unleashed (and damn sure after Lost Mind.) Jak has no demand.

These 2 games were instrumental in destroying these franchises, yet one is praised with no real explanation given. Brutally honest my ass.

If I were to explain why Jak 2 was “better” than Shadow the Hedgehog, it’d be this.

Game Length (We were obsessed with long games in the 5th and 6th gen, and arcade centric games just didn’t cut it.)

Effort detection (Everything about Shadow feels cheap when compared to games like Soul Calibur 2 and even Bloody Roar Primal Fury. Course, we all know why by now)

Cultural standards (Shadow appeals more to the Japanese while the opposite is for Jak 2)

Computer Centrism was a western industry pasttime (shit, any game that had fuck loads of puzzles was praised). Shadow the Hedgehog was still very Arcade Centric even with it’s stupid shit like disarming 50 bombs with a goddamn vacuum cleaner.

Jak 2 being a Playstation exclusive (Sony dominated everything at the time, so everything their developers made was automatically branded a classic for no reason other than being Playstation). 😛

Laughter is the best medicine (And Jak 2 is fucking hilarious at times).

I would NEVER praise Jak 2 for it’s so-called “challenges”. Super Monkey Ball, yes I would, because that shit is actually FUN while dying a lot. Jak 2 feels like taking a razor to the nuts, shaving off all of your pubes while nicking yourself a little just to show your peers that you are a man dammit! Content, while flawed, is actually compelling in Jak 2 which is why you feel more encouraged to play despite the constant and inevitable feeling of being jerked around like a mean steak, tortutred endlessly, beaten to death by a sadistic developer with no concept of balance or was just the biggest asshole ever hired by Sony, and feeling like Link currently does in Aonuma Zelda IE the fucking errand boy who just does shit with little to no hesitation. Shadow the Hedgehog isn’t compelling at all beyond a few gameplay improvement (diverse levels, checkpoint teleports, ring system and a better challenge after the snooze fest that was Heroes).

But you wouldn’t know all that and think Jak 2 was “awesome” due to gameplay. Man, weren’t you the pissed off kid with that mindset?

I also love the excuse of Jak 2 having no strafing because “it’s an old game”.

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Mega Man Legends had strafing and that shit is ANCIENT compared to Jak 2. Even Shadow has strafing. Ur mom can strafe something fierce in the sack. Twas no fucking excuse especially since the way shooting works ends up wasting more ammo than need be.