For shame, Activision.

According to these dicks, Call of Duty Ghosts sold worse than all of their other titles, and they suggest that it’s due to the release of BS4 and Xbone. It couldn’t be that people are just simply growing tired of the franchise, oh no!

Shit happens, Activision. Sequels don’t usually sell any better than their previous installments. Infact, they always tend to have smaller sales as the series goes on. Though from what I’ve seen, a new console usually has more positive effects for sequels that continue on to the next gen. Sonic Rush, Devil May Cry 4 and the like come to mind.

That said, COD Ghosts was already leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths. It’s rare that this game got bad reviews from what I hear, but to see the company trying to deflect news of poor sales by suggesting it’s console transition is hilarious. The fucking game is on consoles most people readily own. Ain’t got shit to do with having a new console. Considering the FUCKING HYPE of PS4 and Xbone “breaking records” by selling yadda yadda on opening day, Activision should’ve had no problem sellng fuck tons. This is “Call of Duty” after all.  Course, you also have to take into account that you JUST RELEASED A COD LAST FUCKING YEAR! Give mutha fuckas time to breathe before shoving another game out of the door. I honestly doubt people these days are willing to shove out more money for yearly releases of a series. It’s not like Apple where they have jedi-mind powers over the populace even though their products are pieces of restrictive shit.

People lose interest in certain franchises, it happens. The CEO suggesting it’s still a quality series is irrelevant. If people are getting tired of it, then their idea of the game’s quality is 3 degrees below whale shit. High quality would mean higher priority. If CODG is not a high priority for gamers now, then obviously the quality is not up to snuff.

If you ask me, development costs of porting this one title to 6 different HD capable platforms is eating away their capital faster than they expected. And looking at Capcom’s situation, they probably want to maintain some sort of image that they aren’t in any financial trouble (yet).

But I suppose this is the end of COD’s grand successes. Perhaps the raving hardcore assholes on gaming forums can shut up now. And perhaps Resident Evil 7 will be good this time. ………………………yeah, I know.