3D Mario fails once again!

Can you see it Miyamoto!? The grand failure of 3D Mario rears it’s beautiful ass once more to tear down the grand illusion of your supreme arrogance!



I guess the japs caught wind of that last trailer and smelled another “puzzle-room” Ninturd coming a mile away.

Me tinks it’s time for Iwata to listen to them investors and drop the Pii U. Fucking Mario isn’t even saving it now. Not only that, it’s fucked in it’s first week of sales.

We could all theorize other reasons the game blundered. A huge lack of content it seems. It looks like a game that just slaps the NSMB aesthetics on and expects the 2D Mario fandom to lap it all up. The appeal of having 4 different characters with unique abilities like in SMB2 was a killer idea, but everyone smelled the “bullshit” of the dress physics lie that Miyamoto spit years ago. Japan LOVES 2D Mario, and they will NOT forgive the deception. Didn’t want to put Peach in NSMBW because they’d have to implement dress physics, then they put it in 3D Mario, you piece of shit! How dare you LIE to our faces!!! You cannot hope to express your UTTER LAZINESS and then expect people to FORGIVE you when you bother to implement desired features in undesired games.

And now the bed you made is the one where you rest. The folly of your enforcement of your “way to play” is denied. Rejected. Bitched-slapped.

So the only thing they really have left is Pokemon, eh? Might as well cancel that lovely “X” game and just make a Pokemon Stadium 3. The only reason people care about Pii U now is because Kamiya has become Nintarded.