I finally find that damn HD collection under 20 bucks! Hurray! Good. Maybe now I can wash the Nexus taste out of my mouth.

My first entry into Ratchet and Clank was at All 4 One so it’s kinda tainted my view of the series overall. I figured I might as well check out the originals figuring they’d be more laid back than the big bloated orchestrated epics of the “future” series as they call it. So far, the only one I’ve played was #1.

And I could’ve sworn I was playing an updated Toejam and Earl, holy shit. The music is laid back, sounds like it came out of the Sega Genesis itself, and has weird and ugly aliens like Toejam and Earl. And then there’s Ratchet who seemed to be in shape back then. Believe me, he looks fuckin weird in this game. Not just by graphics, but in general, he just looks fuckin WEIRD. He’s buff as shit, has cloud hoppers for feet, and sounds like a particular Ninja Turtle for some reason. He’s also a dick, apparently. I understand it’s the first game in the series, but man did he hate Clank. He’s more so into sports, money, and neat little toys like a new gun.

Streetwise Auto mechanic


I never imagined him to be an asshole, what with all the generic heroic traits he has in the BS3 games and so on. Why do I get the impression that he was supposed to be  Crash Bandicoot? And poor Clank. Having to put up with his shit throughout the game. And Ratchet’s smile is the scariest shit I’ve ever seen in video game history. Dat shit creeps me out something fierce.

The story itself seems more down to earth as well. A capitalist decides to take out chunks of entire planets(!!!!) to create a new home for his own people while everyone else…..gets left with shit. Just like Israel, but more blatant and in your face. But for those who want to live, they need to pony up the cash. Basically an allusion to class status of the rich and poor. There’s also some dumb kid who joined the army to get money for college. He didn’t think he’d end up in a war (fucking roffle).

And is it just me or is Skid McMarks the funniest name to ever be given to an alien?

Despite my initial praise, I kinda like the content of this game more than the future series. Comparing them side by side, this game is more down to earth in terms of it universe while the Future series seems more focused on being epic fantasies (the space pirates were really irritating, as well). That’s not really a negative of those titles, but I just like this more. And I had no idea that Qwark was a villain. Just thought he was a cowardly dick who became mayor.

It feels like Insomniac wanted to be “respected” for their games and started trying to impress Pixar Studios, shit the back of ACiT’s box blatantly says “the first game to give you that “This is like a Pixar Movie” experience”. This game has a lot more personality and “attitude” so to speak while the Future, though not bad games sans Into the Nexus, seems to have lost that aspect and became big space adventures. This one is about the little guy in a crapsack world taking down capitalist assholes…..in space. No fucking Cronk and Zephyr, no stupid bitch Talwyn, plus, Ratchet’s voiced by a fucking Ninja Turtle. That ups it’s cool points.

And this bitch is hard. I suppose only having 4 hit points had something to do with it, but you actually gotta think about what weapons to use in these situations, not to mention how sparse money is this time which limits you greatly considering that for every new item/upgrade you find in the game, you have to pony up cash. 1k-4k for every new item so wanting to spend cash on new weapons is quite…….uh… difficult. I’m tight with a dollar as it is, now the vidya games are punishing me for it.

The lack of auto aim doesn’t help much either seeing as I waste more ammo than need be. Plus, since Ratchet swings much more slowly in this game than in the other titles, melee attacks are much riskier than before. I’ve been spoiled by the feeling of power I had from Tools of Destruction, apparently. But unlike Bayonetta, this is the good kind of “hard”. See, when there are viable solutions that aren’t countered by enemies nearly 95% of the time, the game becomes a little fun with that kind of challenge. None of this bullshit “endurance test” nonsense.

I can’t shake the feeling, though, that this was supposed to be a PC game, though. You spend more time doing all these sidequests for people and looking for infobots, and how the cutscenes play out would be how a cutscene in a PC game would also play out. No music when the voice actors are at work. The need for gadgets to progress for certain areas. Bad controls. It has all the looks and feeling of a standard PC adventure game in this regard.

Otherwise, I’m only halfway finished with this one, I think, but it’s making up for the drek of ITN for sure. I just hope the other 2 games in this package are of similar erm… quality and taste.