Short, let down, and incredibly buggy, Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus is proof that I must be cursed.

Any series I start to show interest in slowly starts to become ass for some reason. Resident Evil, Soul Calibur, Ninja Gaiden….. damn near everything I’ve played on PS3 that’s a part of  a series, really. Goddamn, I am so pissed at this game.

First off, this game as touted as some sort of “rap up” for the future series w/e the hell that means, but this game’s story doesn’t really rap up anything. It’s more like a side adventure that makes a few references to previous games like using a dimensionator to call forth nethers or w/e. The previous explained all of their concepts fairly well, but this game showed no desire to go beyond the narrative. ACiT? The Time Clock being the thing that stabilizes the fabric of time and space at the center of the universe. That’s epic, out there, big idea stuff! Nothing about the nethers are interesting as they’re just generic aliens with no motive than to destroy the world. And they’re less threatening than cuddles from A4O. The game starts off nicely, but ends off with the most anticlimatic ending out there. “That’s It!?” is the only thing that could echo in my mind.

Not only that, but that bitch Talwin is back. Why is she even in this game? Far as I can see, no one likes her. She had been useless since her very first appearance. Her non-presence was a plus to ACiT, but here she is to bug you about every little detail while she does absolutely dick for every inch of this game. Qwark has no purpose in this game either, though his screen time is short lived. It feels like there was literally no effort put into the story or the mythos this time around, and it expands on NOTHING from the previous games. Not to mention it’s length that makes it feel like a complete waste of time.

Gameplay wise, I’ve already talked about the controls, and while they aren’t a total hindrance, I do feel that “aerial combat” with the  jetpack was less than intuitive, and a giant pain in my ass. Overall though, aside from the fetch quests, there’s nothing else to do in the game after you complete it. Oh there’s an extra tournament, but after the 3rd time, it doesn’t have much fun factor seeing as all it does is give you stricter time limits to complete an objective and fight a repeat boss.

The overall game itself is basic Ratchet and Clank stuff, but it seems to play worse than previous titles, what with you only having the ability to shoot in one direction along with the netherworld segments that are few and far between. You get the feeling that there was very little work put into the game in comparison to… to fucking A4O even.

And…..the game has bugs up the ass. Sound delays occur frequently in the swamp planet, and I don’t know why it saves after every gargathon horn I collect. I’ve noticed that BS3 games tend to work better or worse depending on how the game loads or saves, and everytime this game saves anything, the sound effects start to delay heavily. I’ve also noticed that some hover boot ramps don’t work, so you might be speeding around one day and then fall in swamp water because the ramp wouldn’t launch you properly. Another thing is that enemies have a tendency to hit you with attacks even when you’re in a position which you can easily avoid the attack (like say they do a horizontal swing while you’re jumping, they have a few cases where they can still hit you).

But that’s not what really pisses me off. See, I went into the weapon shop, I’ve got like 6 weapons all maxed out already, and I decided to try out a few weapons I have yet to buy. I tried out the Nightmare box in it’s demo or w/e, but as soon as I exit out, the game freezes on me. So, I had to force the system to shut off. Now, here’s the bullshit. When I reload my save, I check my weapon inventory…….. my shit is GONE! All I have is a lv. 1 Combuster and that fucking Nightmare Box! I didn’t even BUY the damn thing! All my weapons are back in the shop, and I gotta rebuy them and upgrade them all over again!? Sonic 06 had better programming!

Nope, soon as I find that receipt, I’m getting my 30 bucks back. Shit. This game is ass, and I’m not talking about the well-toned female ass, I’m talking Kuma farting bear ass. The game gives off the feeling and sense that no real time or care went into it. Shallow story, only 2 real levels out of the whole damn game while everything else is some silly mission based scheme, and has a nasty bug infestation. And that smuggler is gettin on my last nerve!

I also like how everyone is ass-kissing this game because it’s cheap (in every sense of the word) and “the first real ratchet game since ACiT”. Bitches didn’t have to wait 15 WHOLE YEARS like the Mario fans did for a real Mario game.

And the writer for the series is gone too? Yep, so much for a Sonic substitute. Maybe I’ll have better luck with Sly Cooper. Watch out fanbase, you better hope I hate that series!