This game out yet? Well, check out how Nintendo plans on advertising this bitch.

Lets see, the primary cracka is dressed in casual clothing, a sweater with jeans and sneakers while in an environment set in the middle ages (the setting for Zelda in general), 2 moments with the caveman drawing gameplay in what can be considered the worst animation ever. Only one element of danger with flaming arrows, and then the master sword is collected.

How lazy is this advertising? They don’t even give you the sense that this game is filled with adventure, the focus is on that damn novelty of morphing into graffiti. If you’re gonna do a crappy Zelda commercial, at least put some hippity hop into dat shit!

You never advertise the gimmick as the main point of the game, especially something as retarded as caveman drawings. We should be ever so grateful that horrid Lost Mind commercial did not show off the Magenta Music Note.

Nintendo is clinically insane if they’re advertising their new found philosophy on what makes a game cool and fun. Gameplay mechanics don’t make the game fun. Does that shit look fun to you, my audience of 300? Caveman drawing adventures in order to complete dungeons? I don’t have strong impressions of this game already, but through virgin eyes, that advert would make gamers abstinent from A Link between Worlds.

Nintendo used to know how to draw people into their games. Now they have no interest in drawing anyone in. They seem to be more interested in impressing journalists who can’t see quality beyond novelty.